Published 02/20/24
In this episode, Rachel identifies the parallels between traffic jams and typical workplace issues. Key points discussed include 'expecting the outlandish', where leaders have high, often unrealistic expectations; 'whim tossing', which addresses the confusion caused by leaders' unclear ideas; 'bystanding', where stakeholder involvement is lacking; and 'unclear expectations', which affect goal clarity and achievement. She suggests proactive planning, clarity-seeking, and strategic negotiation...
Published 02/20/24
As so many of us are chasing speed, efficiency and a bit of lightness at work, asking the important question, “Will it make the boat go faster?” can be an excellent solution.
Published 02/13/24
We’ve finally moved beyond the Great Resignation and Reconsideration, but we’re now stuck in the Great Gloom. We’re languishing, feeling low and disconnected. Here are some strategies to overcome the gloom and find our Great Glow Up.
Published 02/06/24
An interview with Lauren McGoodwin, founder of Career Contessa, who makes the case for why invaluable beats indispensable…and shares some actions we can take to achieve this status.
Published 01/30/24
Leadership Development not working? Well…maybe it’s time to take a fresh approach to taking action. Learn 5 strategies for bringing your leadership learning to life.
Published 01/23/24
In every workplace in every industry, there is a natural tension that occurs between teams. But rather than continuing to simmer and stew, it’s time to solve the tension once and for all.
Published 01/16/24
How to make the most of your days in the office.
Published 01/09/24
Rather than setting (and not keeping – as the stats tell us) another New Years Resolution, let’s talk about how to create a plan that’s meaningful, compelling, and totally sustainable to move you toward success in 2024
Published 01/02/24
Let's talk about the reality of having to stay focused on work while it feels like the world is screaming around us.
Published 12/26/23
How to curate your year-end highlight real.
Published 12/19/23
Learn how to craft your own experience so 2024 is your best year yet.
Published 12/12/23
This week, we dig into why it's often just as important to learn wisdom and insight from your peers, as it is from more "seasoned resources.
Published 12/05/23
Meetings have been a hot topic for ages. Too many, too unproductive. Feels like we should have fixed them by now. But we haven’t. Here are some strategies to try if you’re still drowning in meetings that go nowhere.
Published 11/28/23
How to communicate - for impact, for connection, and with purpose - has gotten complicated in recent years. Communication expert Laura Fravel joins Modern Mentor for a conversation on how to do it well in a hybrid world.
Published 11/21/23
It’s a frantic season in a frantic year. I know almost no one whose plate isn’t overflowing. So if overwhelm is the only option, how can we make the best of it?
Published 11/14/23
There’s so much uncertainty in the market these days. But whether the prospect of a layoff threatens you with a bruised ego, true financial insecurity, or anything in between, there are some constructive things you can be doing.
Published 11/07/23
Communication is one of the most critical leadership skills in the modern workplace. But its job is to do so much more than just transmit information. Leaders who communicate with an intent to engage end up with, well, more engaged teams. Who perform better and stick around longer.
Published 10/31/23
Teams today are running at a million miles an hour just to keep the train on the tracks. So as we approach year-end, let’s talk about why – and how – to run a team performance review. To determine what to continue in the new year and how we might amplify engagement and performance.
Published 10/24/23
When we’re swimming in great ideas—too many priorities and possibilities—we need a way to effectively prioritize. The ICE framework is a simple way to assess an idea’s impact, confidence, and ease—helping us manage our limited resources wisely while delivering big results.
Published 10/17/23
In this conversation with Frances Frei, Professor of Technology and Operations Management at Harvard Business School, we ideas leaders can use to move fast, build trust, and accelerate excellence at work.
Published 10/10/23
Frankly, I think the secret to a winning Q4 is getting one’s team—or oneself—focused, aligned, and on purpose.
Published 10/03/23
Oh, man. Poor meetings. How have they come to be so evil?
Published 09/26/23
Because, you know, a stinky fish stinks.
Published 09/19/23
It’s an art chelmore than a science.
Published 09/12/23