It's Coming Home!
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Giles and Esther pass through this week's papers to take a shot at another column idea; from lost Edward Lear poems and freeing elephants from zoos to Gareth Southgate's mansion and getting ready for 'Freedom Day 2'. Giles is excitedly looking ahead to the Euros and Esther falls foul of the oldest trick in the book. Get more of The Times and The Sunday Times for less than £1 a day. Visit to start your free trial. Producer: Ben Mitchell   See for privacy and opt-out information.
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Giles and Esther serve up the best news stories of the week; from the return of Wimbledon and Love Island to England beating Germany and...that kiss! Giles is desperate to write his annual "I hate tennis" column and Esther has another ailment to annoy him with. Get more of The Times and The...
Published 07/01/21
Giles and Esther look for another column idea from this week's papers; from school trips and Euro 2020, to statement haircuts and restaraunts post lockdown. Giles recalls a traumatic (hilariousl) moment from his childhood while Esther recovers from her second jab. Get more of The Times and The...
Published 06/24/21
Giles and Esther are back around the kitchen table with another the week's best stories in the of papers; from Noah's Ark and marriage restrictions, to Big Brother and lockdown mental health. Giles is concerned the cracks are starting to show after Freedom Day was cancelled and Esther has some...
Published 06/17/21