Published 02/29/24
The platinum selling artist tells Nihal Arthanayake about her love of animals and how it has inspired her series of books for young adults.
Published 02/29/24
Comedian and writer Frank Skinner on unexpected signs of ageing, nicknames, bringing back shouting at cinema screens, graffiti he’s seen on his tour posters, and why he doesn’t run his stand up material by anyone before he performs.
Published 02/27/24
“The more important the issue the less it is discussed.” The Vermont Senator talks to Nihal Arthanayake about the future of capitalism - and offers his thoughts on the upcoming presidential election.
Published 02/20/24
Nihal Arthanayake chats to the CEO of Timpsons about his new book ‘The Happy Index’ and why he believes his employees’ wellbeing is the secret to running a successful company.
Published 02/15/24
“I didn’t watch the [Oscars] announcements, because I didn’t want to have to repair any screen damage if the news wasn’t to my liking!” American actor Jeffrey Wright talks to Nihal about his new film ‘American Fiction’ and explains how it feels to get an Oscar nomination.
Published 02/08/24
“Movie stars, sadly, are a dying breed”. Matthew Vaughn, director, producer, and writer - known for the Kingsman franchise, KickAss, and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - is back with a new movie - a spy action comedy film called Argylle. He tells Nihal Arthanayake that he thinks that times are changing in the movie industry - and you can no longer guarantee that a film will be a massive hit in the box office - just because you have a big name star in it.
Published 02/01/24
'I just really enjoyed the idea of this tiny, dishevelled, half pint Luther....popping about the place trying to solve crimes.' Actor Adeel Akhtar on his role as DS Sami Kierce in the new smash hit Netflix show 'Fool Me Once'.
Published 01/19/24
‘It’s about progress not perfection’ Dr Rangan Chatterjee on keeping a journal, things to be grateful for, and how to make every day just a little bit better.
Published 01/04/24
“Just when I thought I knew where it was going, and what kind of a show it was, it would just do a one-eighty” - Actor Jamie Dornan on the new series of The Tourist and his lifelong love for Manchester United.
Published 12/28/23
Someone like me can't turn down a part like Charles. He's so interesting. He's so complex.” Actors Dominic West, who played Prince Charles in the last two seasons of The Crown, and Jonathan Pryce who plays Prince Philip – talk about the success of the show, how they prepared for their respective roles, and where they were when they learned of the death of Princess Diana.
Published 12/21/23
“When do I tell them I can’t swim”. The award winning film, tv and stage actor Sheridan Smith, on being a parent, her new role in a show about being cast away on a desert island, and why she never learned to swim.
Published 12/21/23
“I’m offended” is quite meaningless’. The comedian and actor talks about his new stand-up special, Armageddon, the nature of offence, and why he’s going to stop explaining his jokes to people who don’t like them.
Published 12/20/23
“The experience for women and men in music is very, very different” The singer talks about her successful musical career, and using her voice to speak out about exploitation in the music industry.
Published 12/14/23
“If you didn’t like it, you listened to it ‘til you liked it” Singer-songwriter and Lightning Seeds frontman, Ian Broudie, on his lifelong love of music, his memoir, and being back on tour. As well as his memories of how ‘Three Lions’ was first received by the England Squad of the time.
Published 11/30/23
“Finding your own unique voice is usually the biggest challenge”. Singer songwriter Emeli Sandé on new music, writing about love and how her life has changed since she first hit the top of the charts in 2012.
Published 11/23/23
“When I was a little, I wanted to be a race car driver” Keanu Reeves and Jenson Button talk to Nihal about their new documentary ‘Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story’.
Published 11/16/23
"Am I going to be a burden to my family?" Sports pundit Chris Kamara talks about his life after his apraxia diagnosis.
Published 11/09/23
“Glastonbury, I want to play Glastonbury… and it’s got to be the pyramid stage.” Simon Le Bon tells Nihal about what he loves about being in a band, how to manage being a rock star and having some sort of balance in life… and the things he still wants to accomplish with Duran Duran.
Published 11/03/23
‘I’m interested in meeting my donor’. The Scandal star on learning she was conceived using a sperm donor.
Published 10/26/23
"I've always loved the power of words". The Spice Girls star on her literary career.
Published 10/19/23
“I don’t think it’s about winning or losing.” The American star on the Hollywood actor’s strike and her new film Miracle Club.
Published 10/12/23
"When do you ever get three Muslim brothers cooking for Jonathan Ross?" The TV chef says his success is down to good timing and other people "creating that lane" for him.
Published 10/05/23
“I hope he had a sense of humour.” The Python star and documentary maker on his great-uncle Harry.
Published 09/28/23
“Music doesn’t have to stay in genres or boxes.” The singer songwriter on why Chicago and grunge inspired her new album.
Published 09/21/23