Anti-Aging Part 1
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Learn the best way to breathe, and how holding your breath can rejuvenate the body.  Dr. Armitstead shares how to prevent an asthma attack, why laughter is the best medicine and how to breathe during a panic attack.  She explains Advanced Allergy Clearing and goes through the Wim Hof method of breathing step by step during this podcast that explains how better breathing brings in more life force to keep you young! Resources: Coherent Breathing: Chakra Light Therapy: Sleep Well Podcast: Intermittent Fasting: Advanced Allergy Clearing:
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Learn why I love coconut!  I love everything about coconut and use coconut products on a daily basis.  I truly believe coconut oil is super healing for digestion, heart health and boosting up the immune system (especially for killing Candida).  Is it great the hair, as a lotion (it has a SPF 4)...
Published 07/15/21
Learn how to stimulate your stem cells to stay younger! Dr. Armitstead also shares the number one thing not to drink that stunts your stem cell growth.  Also learn how antioxidants keep you young and how to keep your  lymphatic system cleansed for that holds 80% of your antioxidant capacity.  She...
Published 05/20/21
Dr. Armitstead gets asked a lot what her daily routine is so she made this podcast of 21 things you should do for your health with the goal of adding them into your daily routine by the end of the year.  Learn what she uses to wash her fruits and...
Published 04/08/21