Some people hate it, others like myself are fans of PowerPoint.  In this  podcast, I walk you through my tips on how to create a visually  impactful PowerPoint presentation.
Published 04/04/22
Our guest this week loves to compete. He was our club president. He won best Heart of England speaker multiple times and has distinguished himself at the area and division level. Steve Day is here to share his insight on competing at the club level and beyond. He is an engineer, an artist, and a very entertaining speaker. The mythical tale of the dart competition has enshrined Steve forever as a Heart of England speaking legend. Do not miss it! #toastmasters #toastmastersinternational...
Published 02/18/22
Today, we have a special guest on the Heart of England Speakers podcast: Swarnim Verma. She discusses her upbringing in India and Dubai. She then details her journey to becoming a digital artist that took her all the way to France at ISD Rubika in Valenciennes (France). To earn her diploma, Swarnim and her peers had to give a 35-minute speech in English in front of a jury of five industry professional. That is one third of their final grade.  Swarnim does all her work in computer graphics....
Published 01/17/22
Are you listening? REALLY listening? Sounds familiar? The podcast is back after a small hiatus and say hello again to Rachael, our club champion, and the area champion for evaluations. Today’s podcast is an educational from Rachael herself. How can you give better evaluations? Listen to Rachael as she gives us all the secrets to deliver better evaluations, from the champion herself. Find Rachael at: https://www.pursuit-coaching-development.co.uk/ https://summit-humanpotential.com/
Published 11/30/21
The headline of her own website says she shares "an empowering message of hope and infinite possibilities".  When you get to meet her, you will know that this is not hyperbole: she packs the most emotional punches in her speeches  She is a 100 word per minute typist, a martial artist and a Heart of England Club champion speaker: say hello to Deb Hawken.  In this episode we talk to Deb about her fascinating life and her Toastmaters journey. http://www.debhawken.com/
Published 09/18/21
He is one of the most accomplished speakers in our club's history.  Yet  there was a time he had real difficulties to make himself understood.   Follow Sanat's journey as a young Indian boy who did not speak English  all the way to one of the best speakers you will ever see.  Sanat is a  master at using body language to give life to his speeches.  He is  sharing his techiniques with us today.  All our episodes are available  as audio podcasts.  Only some are available with video.  This is...
Published 08/25/21
Is there a doctor on the podcast?  In this episode, we talk to Doctor Carolyne!  Inevitably the conversation talked about COVID but also various other subjects like melanoma and enjoying a boat ride down the river.  And of course, you will definitely find out about what the VP education does.  It is a role Carolyne did brilliantly last year and is still doing this year.
Published 07/29/21
Are you going to an interview?  So is your podcast host.  Hopefully!  As a trained public speaker with Toastmasters, Pierre will give you some tips about preparing for your interview, free on the latest episode of the Heart of England Speakers Club Podcast.  And most importantly, listen to the ONE THING that will flip the script on how you approach an interview.  #interview #toastmasters #toastmastersinternational #wearetoastmasters #heartofengland #publicspeaking #solihul
Published 07/09/21
This is the end of season 1 of our podcast!  With new leadership starting July 1st, this will bring a new season of our podcast.  And for our season finale, we finally have our outgoing president Rich!   Everything Rich does is full on, from a member to area director for  2021-2022.  He discusses his leadership style and how he successfully ran a club without ever meeting in person!
Published 06/23/21
For the 5thtime in 6 years and for the 3rd year in a row, Heart of England Speakers earned the prestigious President’s Distinguished Club award. It is an enduring commitment to greatness by all of its members and by its committee. Did you even wonder what the committee does? What are the roles? Should you join (that’s a yes)? In this episode of the podcast, find out all of the roles the committee members are doing behind the scenes. #podcast #toastmasters #toastmastersinternational...
Published 06/11/21
Are you listening?  REALLY listening?  Our next guest has taken listening to an art form.  Say hello to Rachael, our club champion and the area champion for evaluations.  Rachael is not only an outstanding listener but she is the immediate past president of the Heart of England Speakers Club.  Listen to Rachael about her tenure, about working in the corporate world and then starting her own business as a business coach.  Listen on Spotify http://tiny.cc/HoE_Spot  #toastmasters...
Published 05/26/21
Go behind the curtain with Heart of England Speakers! This podcast is a recording from one of our online meetings. Our speech champion Abbey returns to share an educational speech. It answers a very important question: what does it take to deliver a great speech? In every meeting, every speech gets evaluated. So Pierre delivers an evaluation of that speech and what could make it even better.
Published 05/13/21
In this episode of our podcast, come and meet Abbey.  From the West Midlands all the way to the Far East, come and listen to the very  insightful adventures of our fearless speech club champion!  Also available as a video podcast on our YouTube channel https://youtu.be/1cweigsuJEs.  Follow Abbey on instagram @abbey_brinklow
Published 04/26/21
Active listening is an art.  Want an example?  First you will hear a demo speech by Phil.  Then the top three evaluators from our club will evaluate that speech.  The top two advance to the area finals! http://tiny.cc/youtube_hoe
Published 03/27/21
Listen to the top 3 speeches from Heart of England Speakers as they compete for the International Speech Contest.  The top two advance to the area finals!  As a bonus you can see the videos on our YouTube channel! http://tiny.cc/youtube_hoe
Published 03/10/21
It's our first podcast!  On this very special occasion please meet one of the Heart of England speakers named Luke.  It is quite an inspiring story! Music: Summer Rain [Original Mix] by Imperss Music is licensed under a Creative Commons License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Support by RFM - NCM: https://bit.ly/2xGHypM
Published 02/15/21