Part V HFH Stems of Habits
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In this final part of my 5 part series I speak on the Stems of Habits: Choice, Learning, Decisiveness, Execution and Recovery. Notes on this Series will be posted in my Blog in the coming weeks.
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In the Words of Tony Robbins, The purpose of pain is to move us into ACTION, it is not to make us suffer. This has been a tough reminder this summer....but I'm going to walk you all thru what it was like in the hopes that you too can move yourself into action.
Published 09/10/20
Body image and body love are really missing in today's Society. But this is the body you were given or have chosen if you believe that. It's where your spirit and soul live....shouldn't you be grateful and listen to it?
Published 08/26/20
Such a hard thing to break free of when, since you were born, you've been taught and told what to think. Times are changing and if we want to succeed we need to set aside old ways of thinking.....and simply learn to think.
Published 08/21/20