It's our season finale and we wanted to end it by talking about our inner child/teen healing. We get into what initiated  our healing, what our inner child/teen needs from us, and the fact that this work is lifelong. Visions of the Evolution: The Revolution Will Be Magical [https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/revolutionismagic/visions-of-the-evolution-the-revolution-will-be-magical] is a film and a ritual! It's a prayer, a spell and an invocation that opens us all to the transformations we...
Published 04/29/22
Published 04/29/22
In this episode, we discuss call-out culture on social media and whether it's effective in holding people accountable for their words and actions. We also tackle Black leaders, elitism among Black academics, tussling with Gen Z, and how to hold space for young people who are still learning. SPONSOR: Let's Make Art Let's Make Art is a crafting company that aims to help everyone channel their inner artist–whether 3 or 63! Let's make art simple- together! Check out Let's Make Art today by going...
Published 04/15/22
TRIGGER WARNING // SUICIDE & SELF-HARM What do we do when therapy is not enough? We discuss our therapy journeys, which types of therapy we've done,  as well as the success and limitations of therapy. We also get into some alternative forms of healing because help should be accessible to all of us. SPONSOR: Let's Make Art Let's Make Art is a crafting company that aims to help everyone channel their inner artist–whether 3 or 63! Let's make art simple- together! Check out Let's Make Art...
Published 04/01/22
Life is full of suffering. Why would we take on more suffering when we don't have to? Today, we discuss, religious propaganda, capitalist mentality, and relationship norms around suffering. We also get into obnoxious confidence, what it is, and how we can use it to live our best lives. Resources * "Letting Go of Unnecessary Suffering [https://leahwhitcomb.substack.com/p/letting-go-of-unnecessary-suffering?r=17juyj&s=w&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web]" Leah's Newsletter *...
Published 03/18/22
Let's talk about plants, baby! We discuss our houseplant journey, the lessons we've learned from taking care of houseplants, and the mental health benefits of green spaces. BE A PATRON! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hoodooplantmamas SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter: @hoodooplants Instagram: @hoodooplantmamas EMAIL & SPONSOR INQUIRIES [email protected] DONATE Paypal: paypal.me/hoodooplantmamas Cashapp: cash.me/$hoodooplantmamas This podcast was created, hosted, and produced by Dani &...
Published 03/04/22
In this episode, we discuss the act of dreaming and how it showed up in our childhood. Using Toni Morrison's 1988 Sarah Lawrence College's commencement speech, we discuss dreaming as an act of liberation, the role dreaming plays in abolition work, and how we've dreamed our lives into existence. Resources * Divining Poets: Clifton: A Quotable Deck from Turtle Point Press [https://bookshop.org/books/divining-poets-clifton-a-quotable-deck-from-turtle-point-press/9781933527499] * "Sarah...
Published 02/18/22
We're starting season four talking all about love. This episode is dedicated to the late bell hooks. We discuss her book: All About Love: New Visions as well as exploring the very normal need for romantic love. This episode is sponsored by Bitcaftbotanica.com. Bitcraftbotanica.com is a female, Black-owned online botanica for all your spiritual needs. The owner, Kisha K, is a psychic, medium, and intuitive tarot card reader. Get $25 off your first Ancestral reading with code hoodoomama. Get...
Published 02/04/22
It's our season finale, and we're joined by Junauda Petrus-Nasah. She is a writer, a soul sweetener, runaway witch, and performance artist of Black-Caribbean descent, born and working on Dakota land aka Minneapolis, Minnesota. We discuss the spiritual elements, pleasure politics, queerness, and family dynamics of her young adult novel, The Stars and the Blackness Between Them. We also get into our love of Whitney Houston, abolition work, and the need to deprogram our internalized restrictions...
Published 11/26/21
In this episode, we're talking about spirit writing with JujuBae! We discuss showing up as our full selves, writing as a healing tool and releasing ritual, and the role media plays in African Traditional and Diasporic Religions. JujuBae is a proud healer, educator, influencer, and host of iHeart Radio Nominated Best Spirituality Podcast, A Little Juju Podcast. She inspires those of the African Diaspora to reconnect to their heritage and personal power through spirituality and communal healing.
Published 11/12/21
In this episode, we're joined by poet and photographer Nadia Alexis. We discuss how writing and photography can fight erasure, the need to reclaim natural spaces for ourselves, and the impact Lucille Clifton's writing has on Black women. Nadia Alexis is a poet and photographer born in Harlem, NYC to Haitian immigrants. She is currently an English - Creative Writing Concentration Ph.D. student at the University of Mississippi where she studies and teaches Black literature.
Published 10/29/21
For the one-year anniversary episode of Hoodoo Plant Mamas, we talk with fellow Aquarius, Shayla Lawz about her upcoming poetry collection "speculation, n." We dive into the difficulty of witnessing state-sanctioned violence against Black people as well as the music that helps us process it all. Shayla Lawz is a writer and interdisciplinary artist from Jersey City, NJ. She works at the intersection of text, sound, and performance. Her debut poetry collection “speculation, n.” releases on...
Published 10/15/21
In this episode, we're joined by Hari Ziyad to discuss finding ourselves in Hoodoo, dismantling misafropedia, and using inner child work for our liberation. Hari Ziyad is a screenwriter, the editor-in-chief of RaceBaitr, and the bestselling author of Black Boy Out of Time (Little A). Previously, they were the managing editor of Black Youth Project and a script consultant on David Makes Man (OWN), and they are currently a writer at CBS.
Published 10/01/21
We're joined by Hoodoo and writer Hess Love to discuss writing, spiritual bypassing, unpacking religious beliefs, and finding a spiritual teacher. Hess is a family advocate, co-found of the Chesapeake Conjure Society, and community-appointed Hoodoo Historian/Griot. You can find them online “politicking” about Blackness, Hoodoo, History, Feminism, Motherhood, Queerness, Food, Books, Sex and Humor.
Published 09/17/21
Today we're talking with Crystal Wilkinson to discuss her latest book, Perfect Black. We discuss Black girlhood, being country, food, the rural South, and our ancestors. Crystal Wilkinson, Kentucky’s Poet Laureate, is the award-winning author of Perfect Black, The Birds of Opulence , Water Street and Blackberries, Blackberries. She currently teaches at the University of Kentucky where she is Associate Professor of English in the MFA in Creative Writing Program.
Published 09/03/21
We cannot avoid our grief and be free. We talk with Julia Mallory about her latest book Survivor's Guilt and how to work through our generational grief. Julia Mallory is the author of six books, including two children’s books. Her latest book Survivor's Guilt is an archive of survivorship that chronicles generational grief through photographs, poetry, and prose. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @thejuliamallory.
Published 08/20/21
Welcome back to Season 3 of Hoodoo Plant Mamas! This season we're doing things a little differently and are focusing on writing in the Hoodoo tradition. Each episode will feature a different Black writer who utilizes or discusses Spirit in their work. In this episode, we discuss Lucille Clifton's spiritual writing and get into some other Black women writers who also have work inspired by Spirit. 
Published 08/06/21
It's our season finale, and we're joined by Kentucky writer and dating columnist Minda Honey. We answer all your dating questions so you can start your hot girl summer right. Minda Honey Website: https://www.mindahoney.com/ Newsletter: https://newsletter.mindahoney.com/
Published 05/14/21
In this episode, we talk about our childhood experiences with spirits and death. We get into The People's Oracle, holding space for Black children, and acknowledging the harm many of our parents have done to us. SUN IN TWELFTH: Registration for Astrology Through a Hoodoo Lens will be open until May 28th. Sign up by May 7th to receive $50 off. The course runs from May 30th to July 11th. For more information check out sunintwelfth.com.
Published 04/30/21
We're joined by the founders of Fennigan's Farms: Claire and Amanda. This week, we're discussing the need for food sovereignty for Black and indigenous people, food injustices in the United States, and how to start growing your own food at home. Fennigan's Farms: https://linktr.ee/fennigansfarms Instagram & Twitter: fennigansfarms
Published 04/16/21
In this episode, we're breaking down celebrity activism. Should activists become celebrities from the state-sanctioned murders of Black people? Why our liberation depends on centering women like Samaria Rice. And what's the line between art and activism? DONATE Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hoodooplantmamas Paypal: paypal.me/hoodooplantmamas Cashapp: cash.me/$hoodooplantmamas
Published 04/02/21
This week, we're joined by the lovely Tasha Mac as we share the stories from our foremothers. For Women's History Month, we uplift Black women who have influenced our lives and share the lessons they taught us. We also get into how Tabitha Brown may be a Hoodoo. Jackson Water Crisis: https://scalawagmagazine.org/2021/03/jackson-ms-water-aid/
Published 03/19/21
This week, we're discussing decolonization, what it is and why it's important. We also discuss Tessica Brown and the need to decolonize our perceptions around type 4 hair. Content Warning: From 26:00-36:00, we used ableist language to discuss the conversation surrounding Tessica Brown. While we acknowledged that much of this conversation was ableist, we still used slurs. This is a learning process.
Published 03/05/21
It's only right that we talk about love during February. In this episode, Dani and Leah discuss how our female ancestors used love spells and binding in Hoodoo, how women today are obsessed with love, and what dating issues plague Black women today.  BE A PATRON! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hoodooplantmamas DONATE Paypal: paypal.me/hoodooplantmamas Cashapp: cash.me/$hoodooplantmamas
Published 02/19/21
Welcome to season 2 of Hoodoo Plant Mamas! In this episode, we're discussing the need to keep our religious practices off the internet, how much of our practice should be done in secret, and how to honor the sacred aspects of African traditional religions. We also get into Azealia Banks and the queer Bali couple who got themselves deported by running their mouths. SPONSOR Website: FennigansFarms.com Social Media: @FennigansFarms
Published 02/05/21