Episode 88: Thanksgiving...It‘s For The Birds!!
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This week we dive into more of the 90's renaissance as well as some early 2000's style, MTV Classic, Shirley Ellis and the Clap song, Thanksgiving and Nikola Tesla's 3-6-9 theory.   We hope you enjoy!! 
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This week we discuss Jeremy's beloved Chicago Bears, Jim Harbaugh, Morgan Freeman impersonations, Leo Dicaprio's Star Wars obsession, sleepy chicken, Yellowstone and last but not least...how Hagrid was conceived!
Published 01/18/22
This week we honor Betty White and her glorious 99 years on earth, discuss plus-size Hooters staff, analyze the new slate of movies for 2022 (spoiler, it's ALL F*****G SUPERHEROS) and pitch our own idea for a chicken establishment, Chubbies Fine Dining!!
Published 01/04/22
Published 01/04/22