This week we discuss Jeremy's beloved Chicago Bears, Jim Harbaugh, Morgan Freeman impersonations, Leo Dicaprio's Star Wars obsession, sleepy chicken, Yellowstone and last but not least...how Hagrid was conceived!
Published 01/18/22
This week we honor Betty White and her glorious 99 years on earth, discuss plus-size Hooters staff, analyze the new slate of movies for 2022 (spoiler, it's ALL F*****G SUPERHEROS) and pitch our own idea for a chicken establishment, Chubbies Fine Dining!!
Published 01/04/22
Published 01/04/22
This week we are joined by Lee Marsh of Stolen Throne Cigars as well as Mike and Jon from Rudy's Shop for a broad-ranging cigar discussion as well as boxing, some soccer nonsense and why The Shield is the GOAT over The Wire!!  :) 
Published 12/28/21
This week we discuss...well...uhhh...lots of stuff!!  Toffifay, the Palm Pre, sheep-dick-man, moon shit, Jussie Smollet and our foray into conspiracy theories (Coming Soon!) We hope you enjoy!!
Published 12/16/21
This week we welcome Jon back to the show and discuss remakes/reboots of childhood classics, Seth Rogen being a douche, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and go off the rails discussing the advancements of artificial intelligence and how many orifices will the androids have when they take over!
Published 12/07/21
This week we discuss Kid Rock's dog-dick bad new song, the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, QANON Shaman's sentencing, the terrifying progress Artificial Intelligence is making how dope real soap is!!  
Published 11/23/21
This week we dive into more of the 90's renaissance as well as some early 2000's style, MTV Classic, Shirley Ellis and the Clap song, Thanksgiving and Nikola Tesla's 3-6-9 theory.   We hope you enjoy!! 
Published 11/16/21
This week we experimented with Spotify's Greenroom feature and were joined by our newly inaugurated, honorary Scottish member of I'm Dead Inside, Clare!!  We discuss everything from Pete Davidson's junk, the Astroworld debacle and Travis Scott's ineptitude at the event, Jose Canseco's parenting tips and an update on the vaccine mandates.  We were thrilled to have Clare bring a perspective as a non-American and want to give a shout-out to her, Brizzle and Queen Angela for joining the...
Published 11/09/21
This week we discuss edibles in the classroom, wrestling dwarves and their urban dictionary definition, the "Wendy Theory" in The Shining, a (?) racist AI and alternate universes and lastly, is Marilyn Manson turning to God with the help of Kanye?   We hope you enjoy!!
Published 11/02/21
This week we discuss early-onset dementia, island boys, cancel culture, Iron Maiden, Dave Chappelle's special and who would win in a fight, Christian missionaries or a gorilla?!?!    Be sure to check out our Patreon and consider becoming a supporter!  I'm Dead Inside are creating Podcast | Patreon    
Published 10/19/21
This week we welcome Jarred James, founder of FW22 and philanthropic d******d, to the show!!!  We discuss Jarred's community involvement, his military history and many of the nonprofit organizations he's involved with, and of course we dive into the Free Britney movement, Dave Chappelle being "canceled", Owen Wilson portraying Jeff Bezos portraying Owen Wilson, sports fandom and more!!  
Published 10/12/21
Welcome back!  This week we discuss the return of concert life for us, the Facebook outage, a new zombie-drug sensation out of the Congo, the movie Malignant and the current Netflix dynamo that is Squid Game!!
Published 10/07/21
This week we discuss how much of a badass Sam Harris is, gorilla love, monkey rape, sticking stuff in your pee hole, Insane Clown Posse's new documentary about their fight with the FBI and lastly, is Willy Wonka a serial killer?? We hope you enjoy!!
Published 09/28/21
This week we discuss the crazy TikTok trend of "beaning", Norm Macdonald's death, Biden pooping his pants according to Alex Jones, Elon Musk & Grimes foray into parenthood, the "disappearance" **cough, cough** "murder" of Gabby Petito and bananas, yup bananas.  We hope you enjoy!!    Be sure to follow, subscribe and leave us an Apple Podcast review!!
Published 09/21/21
This week we discuss drug-addicted fish, Wonder Showzen, monkey love, PTA parents, vegans and much more!!  We hope you enjoy!
Published 09/14/21
We're BACK!!!  After an extended hiatus we are back and discussing John Cena's pee-pee in Suicide Squad, the milk crate challenge, old people being duped by scammers, idiots taking farm animal medication for COVID, Bonnaroo cancellation and much, much more!!  We hope you enjoy!
Published 09/08/21
This week we discuss the Mattress Firm conspiracy, more simulation theory, some trans woman who raped his mom, the Olympics and our rise in the ranks in Poland!!  
Published 08/10/21
This week we discuss donuts, Snoop's wiener of choice, Martha Stewart, Jeff Bezos and the Blue Dildo (Origin), do superheroes go down and greatest metal album of all time!!   We hope you enjoy!
Published 07/27/21
We're back baby!!  This we week we return to form with a load (he-he) of premium nonsense; we discuss Biz Markie's death, autonomous fellatio, the Foo Fighters postponing a recent concert because of COVID, Vax That Thang Up and traits of a serial killer, BE SURE TO LISTEN TO THE END!!!     **Reminder that if you go to Apple Podcasts, please take a minute to rate/review our show which enables us to reach a bigger audience, especially in Kazakhstan!!**
Published 07/20/21
This week we welcome Claudia and Andrea from the Judgy Crime Girls podcast!!  We, as usual, discuss all sorts of nonsense and were presented with a true crime case about Carmine "The Cigar" Galante, notorious NYC gangster!!  We hope you enjoy!
Published 07/16/21
This week we welcome recording artist Sunny Taylor to the show!!  We discuss her foray into music, favorite shows/venues/artists as well as book fair scratch-n-sniff stickers, 80's hair metal and more!!  We hope you enjoy!
Published 07/06/21
We're back!!  Again!!  This week we delve into Kevin Smith movies, nuts, the brilliance of Daniel Day Lewis, John McAfee's conspiratorial hanging and more Britney news!!  We hope you enjoy!
Published 07/01/21
We're back!!  This week we discuss the state of Alabama and how much Bob loves it, the most streamed metal/hard rock/punk albums on Spotify, superhumans, invisible art and of course, dicks.  We hope you enjoy!!
Published 06/15/21
This week we learn is a celebration of Jeremy!  Additionally we learn about exploding monkey brains, losing 90 lbs. in 7 days, a Dogecoin Tinder date gone wrong and more!! 
Published 06/15/21