Welcome back!  This week we discuss the return of concert life for us, the Facebook outage, a new zombie-drug sensation out of the Congo, the movie Malignant and the current Netflix dynamo that is Squid Game!!
Published 10/07/21
This week we discuss how much of a badass Sam Harris is, gorilla love, monkey rape, sticking stuff in your pee hole, Insane Clown Posse's new documentary about their fight with the FBI and lastly, is Willy Wonka a serial killer?? We hope you enjoy!!
Published 09/28/21
This week we discuss the crazy TikTok trend of "beaning", Norm Macdonald's death, Biden pooping his pants according to Alex Jones, Elon Musk & Grimes foray into parenthood, the "disappearance" **cough, cough** "murder" of Gabby Petito and bananas, yup bananas.  We hope you enjoy!!    Be sure to follow, subscribe and leave us an Apple Podcast review!!
Published 09/21/21
This week we discuss drug-addicted fish, Wonder Showzen, monkey love, PTA parents, vegans and much more!!  We hope you enjoy!
Published 09/14/21
We're BACK!!!  After an extended hiatus we are back and discussing John Cena's pee-pee in Suicide Squad, the milk crate challenge, old people being duped by scammers, idiots taking farm animal medication for COVID, Bonnaroo cancellation and much, much more!!  We hope you enjoy!
Published 09/08/21
This week we discuss the Mattress Firm conspiracy, more simulation theory, some trans woman who raped his mom, the Olympics and our rise in the ranks in Poland!!  
Published 08/10/21
This week we discuss donuts, Snoop's wiener of choice, Martha Stewart, Jeff Bezos and the Blue Dildo (Origin), do superheroes go down and greatest metal album of all time!!   We hope you enjoy!
Published 07/27/21
We're back baby!!  This we week we return to form with a load (he-he) of premium nonsense; we discuss Biz Markie's death, autonomous fellatio, the Foo Fighters postponing a recent concert because of COVID, Vax That Thang Up and traits of a serial killer, BE SURE TO LISTEN TO THE END!!!     **Reminder that if you go to Apple Podcasts, please take a minute to rate/review our show which enables us to reach a bigger audience, especially in Kazakhstan!!**
Published 07/20/21
This week we welcome Claudia and Andrea from the Judgy Crime Girls podcast!!  We, as usual, discuss all sorts of nonsense and were presented with a true crime case about Carmine "The Cigar" Galante, notorious NYC gangster!!  We hope you enjoy!
Published 07/16/21
This week we welcome recording artist Sunny Taylor to the show!!  We discuss her foray into music, favorite shows/venues/artists as well as book fair scratch-n-sniff stickers, 80's hair metal and more!!  We hope you enjoy!
Published 07/06/21
We're back!!  Again!!  This week we delve into Kevin Smith movies, nuts, the brilliance of Daniel Day Lewis, John McAfee's conspiratorial hanging and more Britney news!!  We hope you enjoy!
Published 07/01/21
We're back!!  This week we discuss the state of Alabama and how much Bob loves it, the most streamed metal/hard rock/punk albums on Spotify, superhumans, invisible art and of course, dicks.  We hope you enjoy!!
Published 06/15/21
This week we learn is a celebration of Jeremy!  Additionally we learn about exploding monkey brains, losing 90 lbs. in 7 days, a Dogecoin Tinder date gone wrong and more!! 
Published 06/15/21
This week we learn is a celebration of Jeremy!  Additionally we learn about exploding monkey brains, losing 90 lbs. in 7 days, a Dogecoin Tinder date gone wrong and more!!  
Published 06/01/21
This week we discuss Army of the Dead, the best zombie movies, ultra-conservative crazy Christians, hairy butts, armpit fat and finally get serious about our governing bodies.   We hope you enjoy!!
Published 05/25/21
This week, on our 69th episode (he-he-he), we dive into Gen Z vernacular and in the process developed our own slang term, discussed the idiocy of the gas shortage down south, the state of Ohio developing a 1 million dollar lottery for citizens who get the vaccine, more Elon news and Tony Hinchcliffe's poorly executed joke about Asian people.   We hope you enjoy!!
Published 05/18/21
This week we discuss Elon Musk's SNL hosting gig, the Cash Me Outside frittata making bank on OnlyFans, transgender athletes, mushrooms on Mars and Bob's brain has finally broken over the stupidity of the world.   Enjoy!
Published 05/11/21
This week we welcomed Jon and Alexis from Household 5 Soap Co. on to the show to discuss the recent meltdown of a Holiday Inn Express employee, critical race theory, feckin' "Edward" and the now-infamous Starbucks drink order and creepy dolls!    
Published 05/04/21
This week we ramble about the Chernobyl disaster taking place on this date in 1986, Caitlyn Jenner running for governor of California, Apple's new Airtags and App Tracking Transparency, the crypto crash and Bob's foray into reselling sneakers.  
Published 04/27/21
This week we discuss A-Rod jerking it over FaceTime, the newest Triller fight night this past weekend (Fight Club), Simulation Theory and wrap things up discussing the recent police shootings, mass shootings and the Derek Chauvin trial 
Published 04/20/21
This week we dive into a bunch of serious shit....and then who's the hottest female actress from the 80's!!  Our discussion ranges from our "woke" education system, a real-life Jurassic Park possibility, the HBO Max documentary "Q: Into the Storm" to another shooting of a black man in Minnesota.   We hope you enjoy!!
Published 04/13/21
We keep a hunned this week...or a hundy...or straight 100!!!!  We discuss emoji etiquette, Georgia voting laws, the Easter holiday, backlash towards Cadbury having a gay couple portrayal in their Easter commercial (spoiler alert, it isn't the woke left trying to cancel this), DMX and the overdose that has him in a vegetative state and lastly, PETA's problem with monkey labor.   We hope you enjoy!!
Published 04/06/21
This week we're joined by Eric & Gord of "What If We're Right?" podcast.  We were excited to get to know these guys and had hilarious convos about pretty much everything...and nothing...so pretty par for the course.   We hope you enjoy!!
Published 03/30/21
This week we talk creepers in public restrooms, Harry He With No Last Name & Meghan Markle/Kardashian interview with Oprah, Capri Sun's, Asian hate and Deep Nostalgia photos!  We hope you enjoy!   Slainte Mah
Published 03/23/21
This week we were delighted to be joined by Brian Desind, owner/founder of Privada Cigar Club, to discuss the club, his background and foray into the industry and how K-Swiss shoes are some bangin' ass shit in the midwest!!     Slainte Mah
Published 03/16/21