Episode 94: ”I Cast Engorgement!”
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This week we discuss Jeremy's beloved Chicago Bears, Jim Harbaugh, Morgan Freeman impersonations, Leo Dicaprio's Star Wars obsession, sleepy chicken, Yellowstone and last but not least...how Hagrid was conceived!
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This week we discuss the evolution of language and why Bob is an idiot, Vampira & Blood TikTok, Bob's impending run for Congress in 2024, IQ tests and the new releases coming up with Stranger Things Season 4, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Top Gun, Maverick dropping!! Enjoy Check out our Patreon page...
Published 05/26/22
This week we rant about the new Kendrick Lamar album, check out Johnny Cash's new pee-hole, the Buffalo shooting incident, the crypto crash and more!   Enjoy Check out our Patreon page and consider becoming a supporter of the show, complete with supporter-only content.   I'm Dead Inside are...
Published 05/19/22
Published 05/19/22