THE REVERSE DIET DIARIES with Jake and Jenna Episode 7
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Today we talk about how Jenna went with her food diary and some take away learnings from this task and you guys can utilize it. PLUS we answer 10 viewer Qs around "how to build up to higher calories" and a lot more.  To work with Jake and his team for nutrition: Jakes IG: jakecampusnutrition Jennas IG: jennanne
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LOCKDOWN, yes we said it and we are talking about it! How its affecting Jennas Pro devut pre, the mindset changes we have had to work on to deal with it. We talk about Jennas diet and training while in lockdown and some dos and donts of tracking.  To work with Jake and his team for nutrition:...
Published 07/22/21
Season 3, THE PRO DIARIES. Jenna is 16 weeks out from here PRO bikini debut. We talk here base line diet, about mindset and improvements going into a pro debut. How her prep will be different with such a short turn around and answer some of your Qs off social media.  To work with Jake and his...
Published 07/08/21
Final episode on Jenna's Reverse diet before we begin her prep to her pro debut. We chat about her revere diet, the roadblocks and mental struggles we have over come in this. We set up Jenna's first week of prep live that she is starting Monday! To work with Jake and his team for nutrition:...
Published 07/02/21