Guess which cohost lost a fridge this weekend. Should men wear spanx? The guys dispel the myth that it's easy to get an erection. KFC watched a shocking film about outfits recently. Feits' is gonna be a godfather. How often do you talk to yourself? Voicemails include: Subway Punishments, Awkward Threesomes, and more. Mike Cannon (01:06:01) joins the show to discuss the release of his new comedy special "Life Begins". He tells a great story of how he got to become a regular at the Comedy...
Published 02/18/20
The week that was in the phenomenon of that is #ZillionBeers. Tom Brady is in on the Zillion Beers movement but might be out on the Patriots. Joaquin Phoenix is not a fan of milk. The only guy who might drink more beers is the director of Parasite. Will Jared interview the Astros in spring training? Feits jumps on the Astros bandwagon. Pond Hockey drama.
Published 02/17/20
Feits is self conscious about what he's wearing after working on the Barstool Pond Hockey Tournament. KFC and Feits each come in hot with a proposition and a question. (Should we start doing opt out marriages? Should Feits become homeless?) We come up with a new podcast called the One Block Podcast. Voicemails include: Fake Gifts, Going to Prison Ben Schwartz joins the show. We discuss his new role as Sonic the Hedgehog and hanging out with Jim Carrey on press tours. He tells us the story...
Published 02/13/20
KFC and Feits discuss the emergence of the new Saturdays are for the Boys: A Zillion Beers. They discuss Dana B's performance this past weekend promoting the brand and his negotiation to reach a million dollars in sales in order to get 100 grand from Dave. They recap the Oscars from the subpar opening jokes to the multiple wins for Bong Joon Ho and Parasite. After watching more Designated Survivor, Feits is convinced he has the solution to fix the government. Adolescent/Dadolescent returns...
Published 02/11/20
Trent lives out his dream as Luggage Guy on The Bachelor, the Steve Cohen deal falls apart and the Red Sox trade Mookie Betts. Kayce breaks a rib. Gaz recaps the Miami Super Bowl party that was a dream and turned into a nightmare
Published 02/10/20
Guys I have news! I have incredible news! Rob McElhenney joins the show today! We discuss creating the characters for It's Always Sunny, Charlie Day's appearance in Super Bowl commercials, the creation of his new show Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet, and pushing comedy in It's Always Sunny in the height of cancel culture. Also, Feits' may have solved World Peace but first Rob.
Published 02/06/20
KFC and Feits are readjusting to New York after a week in Miami. They recap Feits' fashion, the nightlife, and the locals of South Beach. They also cover the chaos of the Barstool Party, from the celebs to the dramatic ending. Voicemails include: Washing Machine, Contacts or Texts, and No Talking. KFC has an interview with Tom Papa. They discuss how Tom got teamed up with Jerry Seinfeld, New York Sports, and raising kids.
Published 02/04/20
KFC, Carrabis, Kayce, Feitelberg, Gillie da King, Wallo and Stephen Jackson talk tattoos, beards, Kobe and more
Published 02/03/20
The Royal Us has a half billion dollars. KFC and Feits discuss Penn National Gaming's massive investment in Barstool Sports and how we got to this point. Kevin tells the story of how Dave told him. Feits' got some all time words of encouragement. Feits has an incredible new invention. Voicemails include: One Ball, Google vs old Doctors, and Shoes Indoors
Published 01/30/20
KFC and Feits discuss the shocking and sudden death of Kobe Bryant, his legacy, and the public reaction. Feits tells a story about how he persevered through a 24 hour flu and lost a few pairs of boxers along the way. We invite Kirk back on the show to discuss his criticism of our interview with Shane Gillis.
Published 01/28/20
Feits' is turning into an old man before our eyes. KFC has been slowly getting robbed. The guys argue over what age draws the line for a death to be called tragic. Voicemails include: TV Butler, Soap & Childhood Lies. Frankie Borrelli (00:43:41) returns to the show to discuss how he got trapped in a lie after accepting a gift, waking up to his apartment covered in blood, and the knife versus bat debate. Comedian Shane Gillis (01:30:37) joins the show. We discuss his controversial firing...
Published 01/23/20
KFC returns from his bid in kid prison a changed man. The guys talk about the McGregor/Cowboy fight, a new AI which is gonna take over the world, the anniversary of legend Howard Dean's "Beyaw", and Brad Pitt's awesome interview in GQ. Voicemails include: Alien Zoo or Circus, Is my Stalker Interested, and Releasing Away Messages. Cash Cab host Ben Bailey joins the show. We talk about the state of comedy today, hosting Cash Cab for 15 years, and being in the company of Alex Trebek.
Published 01/21/20
Feits had himself a morning between the Aaron Hernandez documentary, being triple charged by Netflix, and having a big red flag for breakfast. KFC's reminded that blogging is the quickest way to get in trouble. The year of mental health is off to a hot start! Voicemails include: dating a sugar baby, man cave bedrooms, and life as a blockbuster. Lisa Ann joins us to discuss her retirement from porn, men breaking their penises, and we invite her to party with us in Miami.
Published 01/16/20
Christ Distefano and Yannis Pappas of the History Hyenas podcast come in HOT! We discuss falling in love with men, hot actors, and Chris shows us a photo of his junk (all in the first 5 minutes). We also talk about the first time we masturbated, the Catholic Church, and the real side of history no one teaches you. After the interview, KFC and Feits talk about the strangers asking them for money, creative punishments for the Houston Astros, and Feits drops some wisdom about making money....
Published 01/14/20
Darren Rovell went full snitch and tried to get a twitter troll in trouble at his job. KFC called him out and then Rovell may or may not have created a burner, got caught creating and burner, and then deleted the burner. Tommy Smokes is now Tommy Yoked. Halsey is the hottest woman on the planet and callers talk mushrooms.
Published 01/13/20
Jim Gaffigan talks with the guys about his new movie, being a top comedian, and why he became a clean comedian. Comedian Doug Smith joins us to talk about living in NYC, his long time job as a dog walker, and tells a very captivating story about the time he was a hero. Feits has a rivalry brewing with a homeless man and something has made him rather uncomfortable. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit the Royal Family. Feits comes up with some new slang, totally on purpose. Voicemails include:...
Published 01/09/20
Million Dollaz Worth of Game, the newest Barstool hires, join the show to talk about masturbating in prison, starting their podcast, and how Feits and KFC are "Spicy". KFC and Feits recap the Patriots elimination and the Golden Globes. Voicemails include: JJO & Drive, Mixed Signal Nudes, and How to Turn Down Sex.
Published 01/07/20
Is Feits' hopeful for the Patriots? Digging in and enjoying the end of your holiday break. KFC vs Trent (and the midwest) over "ope". Reviewing new movies and tv shows. Weirdos wearing deodorant. Self grading conversations with people as you get older. And the guys decide on a 2020 Resolution.
Published 12/31/19
What's the worst part of Christmas as an adult? Tell a friend not to get married. The Celtics are still obsessed with Lebron. How much to switch to arch rival? 1 porn for 1 year of life. Red dick pics from a ghost. 
Published 12/24/19
Logan Paul was at dinner with James Dolan when news of his sex tape broke. He went straight to Barstool HQ the next day to talk with KFC about whether or not it is him in the video. He also talks about his plans to continue boxing, why there is still bad blood with KSI, if he will fight in Rough N Rowdy, and challenges Antonio Brown to a fight.
Published 12/23/19
KFC and Feits had year end reviews with Dave. The Spittin Chiclets boys got their producer a Rolex for Christmas. Bosses are trying to ruin employee bathroom time. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had the most relatable fight. Voicemails include: Fighting all the Duggars to the death, Remaking a movie with muppets, Would you commit suicide for world peace?
Published 12/19/19
Why did it take so long for Barstool to have a sextape? Is a wedding invite an acceptable gift for a holiday White Elephant? When do you need to start calling your fiance you fiance? Is the "guest toothbrush" a thing? John hates The Mandolorian. Ok, he doesn't hate it. But he kinda hates it. How much money do cam girls make? What is the best Christmas music to have sex to? KFC sits down with Trooopz to talk about their shared love of sports.
Published 12/17/19
Nick Cannon claims there is a video of Eminem having sex with a man and manages to lose a rap battle without anyone even making a response. Pete Frates, creator of the legandary Ice Bucket challenge videos, cure ALS advocate, and close personal friend of many Barstool employees, finally succumbed to the disease and passed away, we pay tribute to him. Another video made the rounds this week, it was discussed.   
Published 12/16/19
John has a way to improve all dinners, everywhere. He also does something despicable with his socks. Nikki Glaser returns to talk about laser hair removal, why she likes dead moms, consensual sexting, vagina angles, and chairs vs people. Ian Fidance stops by to tell us how he made his therapist cry. Voicemails include: socks or barefoot,  superheroes vs cops, off the menu, and the last single guy in the group.
Published 12/12/19
KFC had one of the most stressful experiences of his life at his kid's school. John got a new tattoo. Put some respect on Cheers and Sam Malone's name. Lost and how the writer's strike ruined everything. Breaking the porn addiction. KSI stops by to talk about his boxing match with Logan Paul and his song with Rick Ross. Justin Willman chats about magic and comedy.
Published 12/10/19