Episode 9.5 Rising Sun [TEASER]
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We've heard your baleful cries carrying across the moors at night- "wheres the damn Connery Racism!?" well, my precious angels. my beautiful friends. Rest assured we have found the perfect movie for you- one where Connery has gone where Captain Henderson could not. Thats right, he's gone Entirely Japanese. We recorded this immediately after the next free episode and so consequently all of us were riled up from the get go and variously intoxicated on Alcohol, lack of sleep, etc. Strap in! Find the full episode at our reasonably-priced patreon! https://www.patreon.com/posts/52550305   *SHIRT ALERT* We are accepting pre-orders for a new shirt design until the end of the day on June 20, 2021 -- get it here! https://www.killjamesbond.com/store/p/kjbs-the-connery   *WEB DESIGN ALERT* Tom Allen is a friend of the show (and the designer behind our website). If you need web design help, reach out to him here:  https://www.tomallen.media/   Find us at https://killjamesbond.com and https://twitter.com/killjamesbond
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