"You can't stop the clock. And when my mother turned 70 I was in my 30s. And I thought "oh my god that is so old, and I said to her how does it feel?" And she told me the wisest thing she said:"I still feel like that 14 year old girl." And that's the truth. So here I am 71 - I am the same. I am that person that was 14." Meet Marjorie Horowitz - a loving wife, mother and grandmother, a former NY cabdriver and a fighter of injustice since she is 12 years old. 
Published 05/27/19
“I am a very political person, I believe passionately that women have to run.” - Charlotte Bennett Schoen started her political career years ago with joining the League of Women Voters. With a background in teaching she ended up founding a mental health Center and went from there all the way to serve in the City Council. "I saw that in these small towns you could make something happen. And then one thing let to the other". Passionate about women helping women she also ended up working...
Published 03/23/19
"At a certain age, we fall out of love with ourselves because society likes younger people. I don't want to see women doing that. I want to see them continuing to have that excitement about themselves, and just be a little bit maybe narcissistic, because we do tend to give and give and give. That's what women do." Meet Bobby Clennell - a world travelling yoga teacher, an animation drawer, a wife and a mother. Tune in and get enlightened. 
Published 02/01/19
"I really feel like whatever I've learned - I’ve learned because I've opened myself up to seeing what other people have and don't have, and learning to appreciate what I do have." Meet Nancy Shamban and listen to her story: about being a feminist psychotherapist in the 60s, travelling the world and overcoming fear. 
Published 12/27/18
"I will never retire. One day I will be here, and the next day I'll drop dead. Obviously we don't live forever, but I would never retire. I'm always wanting to make it better." Meet Eleanor Ambos: 91 years old, famous for transforming an old warehouse into an artistic wonderland.
Published 12/07/18
"I grew up in a small community, outside of Philadelphia. In my time you would only leave the house when you got married, for college, or in a pine box. So I convinced my grandmother that she let me go to New York, and I went, and I never came back." In Part I of this episode, Sheila Merriweather is talking about her life in New York, working two jobs, learning from friends, and how it feels being an African-American woman, now and then.
Published 10/19/18
"Learning never stops, if you don’t let it!" In episode 05 Feli and Miriam are talking to Linda Hoyes. She tells her story of growing up in Brooklyn, being a teacher and raising her daughter as a single mother. "Schooling gives you a job and a career, but it doesn’t give you the life skills that you need to survive."
Published 10/04/18
"People used to say, you are in your prime in your forties. I think I am in my prime now: In my seventies." Meet the inspiring Judith Jones. Miriam and Feli met her on a Saturday morning in her home in Brooklyn, and talked with her about knowing your worth, the power of community and faith. "They can’t take your dignity, they can’t take your integrity and they can’t take your knowledge."
Published 09/13/18
In Episode 3 Feli and Miriam are talking to Lee Zevy. 76 years old, a psychotherapist and a fighter for human rights and equality. She lives with her cats and a dog in Chelsea, New York. In 6th grade she started her first petition and is marching, protesting and working towards what is right ever since. Tune in and listen to an inspiring conversation on being a gay woman, fighting for your values, hope and love.
Published 08/08/18
In the second episode Miriam and Felicitas are talking with Felicia Rosshandler. With her 87 years she is famous for her early morning walks on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is currently writing her memoirs. She was born in Berlin, had to flee to Belgium and later to Cuba - she is a writer, a mother and grandmother and talks about feminism, love and how she changed her life every 25 years.
Published 07/16/18
In the very first episode, Felicitas and Miriam are meeting the strong and creative Louise Schwartz: She is 85 years old. She was and is still living a very active and fulfilled life, with two husbands, four children and worked many years as a successful entrepreneur in the garment industry. How that all came along, what inspired her and how she dealt with obstacles - she will tell the hosts of the Ladies First podcast over some coffee. Have a seat!
Published 07/01/18