#216 Behind the scenes in perimenopause, HRT and restoring hormone balance to prevent long term issues with Maria Claps and Kristin Johnson of Wise and Well
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I polled people on IG last month and almost 80% of people that saw my story said they felt like they have food sensitivities. So, that’s a problem because once you dive into the intricacies of that there is a lot of nuances. So to help with this & answer the question I get in so many different flavors each week, I’m hosting a live training and Q&A session called “What should I eat? Answering your questions about food reactions and inflammation”. You can register at christabiegler.com/foodreactions This week I talk to Maria Claps, an FDN practitioner, and Kristin Johnson, a Board-certified nutritionist with Wise and Well about what is REALLY happening in perimenopause. An often neglected topic yet so important for those beginning or already in this transition time in their lives and also practitioners looking to help. Maria and Kristin candidly discuss symptoms, treatment, and lifestyle considerations for those in midlife mayhem. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Symptoms of declining hormones? Mood, sleep, weight, brain fog What is happening behind the scenes in menopausal transition perimenopause (including usual timeframe (the early 40s)Period changes during perimenopauseBiomarkers for inflammationEntering perimenopause in a lower inflammatory state will help ease symptoms for a smoother transitionWhat are common things we blame on "hormones" that are not hormonesFunctional decline of aging- what's normal, what's not as we age and our body changesHormone replacement therapyGUESTS SHARED HELPFUL TIPS ON: How to rehab your hormones/ adrenalsIdentifying what is going on in the cycle and how to support itUnderstanding that everyone's experience is very differentTips for women in midlife to optimize health and wellness (what are a few things women are doing that are keeping them stuck) ABOUT GUESTS: Maria Claps, an FDN practitioner, and Kristin Johnson, a Board-certified nutritionist, are plainspoken friends and practitioners who share a passion for women's health, especially women's health at midlife. As both are themselves menopausal, they've refined the art and science of thriving as a midlife woman based on both clinical and personal experience. They combine individualized nutrition and lifestyle changes tailored to midlife women's needs with mindset coaching, lab testing, and hormone replacement therapy education to help women thrive so that they can stop or prevent their health from spinning out of control. WHERE TO FIND MARIA & KRISTIN: https://www.instagram.com/wise_and_well_/ https://wiseandwell.me/ WHERE TO FIND CHRISTA: https://www.christabiegler.com/ On IG: instagram.com/anti.inflammatory.nutritionist/ Shop our Favorites christabiegler.com/shop Loving the podcast? Leave us a review and ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY NOW! Sharing & reviewing this podcast is the BEST way to help us succeed with our mission to help integrate the best of East & West empower you to raise the bar on your health story. Just go to https://reviewthispodcast.com/lessstressedlife SPONSORS: A special thanks to our VIP sponsor RUPA Health, our lab concierge service that helps our clients get standard bloodwork 2/3 off retail direct to consumer lab test pricing. Let them know I sent you when you sign up for your free practitioner account.
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