So some shotty science out of Poland concluded that vegan kids are shorter and weaker that other kids. Obviously we take issue with this as we are raising 2 vegan boys. We debunk everything for you tonight, Lisa also shares some amazing new recipes. 
Published 06/18/21
Tonight we discuss what actually gets recycled when you put your bin on the curb and how we can reduce the consumption of non-recyclable plastics. Lisa also shares tons of awesome recipes. 
Published 06/03/21
Is the vaccine vegan? Was it rushed? Should you be hesitant to take it? Was it tested on animals?  Did they use fetal cells used?  All these questions were answered on tonight episode of Lisa Beats Your Meat. Please leave us a review and give us a follow! 
Published 01/05/21
How can we ethically eat avocados? Listen to find out. Also Lisa keeps accusing Jimi of being drunk. But he's not, he's tired (p.s. this is Jimi)
Published 12/24/20
Compartmentalize! On tonight's episode we discuss ways to reduce waste in our day to day lives. We also discuss hot sauce! 
Published 12/14/20
Lisa and I start the show with an unplanned argument about shutdowns and coronavirus reactions. We eventually discuss companies pulling products because of monkey labor and abuse practices. 
Published 11/15/20
Tonight we discuss how to make cheese, Lisa's attempt at creating an instagram challenge (@mamaochuk), magic mushrooms and the presidential race. But the bulk of the show looks at studies proving the negative health effects of dairy in the American diet. 
Published 11/08/20
We back, halloween and stuff. Review us on iTunes or Spotify! Please ! 
Published 10/29/20
Oh man, buckle up folks. If you are related to Lisa, she asks that you sit this one out. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, we respect all of them. But all too often the vegan community seems to side with one political worldview. If you only want to share the vegan message with one political ideology you're missing 1/2 the country. That is the message of this show, let us know what you think! 
Published 07/08/20
Tonight we talk about some crazy new insights on vitamin D. Which is actually a hormone and not a vitamin. It can help your body fight infectious disease (apparently) but it has so many other benefits. Check it
Published 05/20/20
Tonight we breakdown the impact this Covid virus is having on the meat industry. There are meat shortages all around the world, perhaps it's time to rethink some habits. 
Published 05/14/20
Corona part 2. Tonight we talk about some of the myths surrounding these troubling times. Enjoy! 
Published 03/26/20
You can watch or listen to this on YOUTUBE! Day one of social distancing. We discuss the Covid-19 virus tonight, how a vegan world can prevent this, and what we can do to keep our bodies healthy and ready to fight. 
Published 03/19/20
Tonight we throw down. What is better for you? Real meat or fake meat? Obviously fake meat is better for the environment in every way but tonight we focus on the health aspect of the imitation beef. Enjoy!
Published 03/08/20
The whole world vegan? It's a pipe dream, but is it possible? What would happen? Don't worry, we figured it all out on tonight's episode. 
Published 02/18/20
Episode 82! We’re back after our longest break, but don't worry. LBYM is back in full force for 2020. Tonight we talk about vegan culture as we rip though a list of 100 vegan tips. We pretty much just pluck out our favorites. Thanks for listening and please subscribe!
Published 02/09/20
Episode 81 was awesome. I think this a message that all vegans need to remember, it's pretty much impossible to be totally vegan. The definition of vegan is up to you. 
Published 11/22/19
In episode 80 we discuss our reaction to the Game Changers documentary. We go over some of the performance advantages vegan athletes possess. Great show but ends a bit abruptly thanks to our lovely children, but we covered what we needed to. Thanks, hope you enjoy!  
Published 11/11/19
Tonight we take on breast cancer. Instead of focusing on treatment, can we start to focus more on prevention? What can women do to lower their risk. We also look at a great study that shows how diet choices can reduce mortality risk by over 50% after a diagnosis. And don't put pink ribbons on carcinogens ! We also review some good and bad vegan experiences we had on our last North East adventure. 
Published 10/18/19
This episode is about a recent article stating that red meat might not be as bad as we though. Obviously we'll debunk it easily. We also talk about horseshoe crab blood and why is so valuable and how horseshoe crabs are treated in the process. 
Published 10/08/19
Tonight we had the pleasure of interviewing a dynamic vegan power couple. Dustin and Raven are active members in our local Columbus Veg Community and super fit. If you've been at any local vegan or community festivals you've prob seen Dustin carving wood or ices sculptures. Below are some dates and links to their resources and upcoming dates in Columbus Ohio.  https://www.sculptdecor.com 9/26 Grandview @ 850 First Ave. at the yard. Pumpkin carving from 530-730  9/27 New Albany High School...
Published 09/21/19
If you're vegan you've most likely been approached by a hater with this recent study claiming that vegans and vegetarians have a 20% higher risk of stroke. The problem with this study is the vegans were lumped in with the vegetarians and made up a very tiny proportion of this study. Listen to us unscientifically break it down in episode 76. Thanks for listening! 
Published 09/15/19
Episode 75 gets a little crazy. Lisa and Jimi attempt to explain this CBD craze that's sweeping the nation. What are the benefits, what are the side effects, what have studies shown? We also talk a lot about using marijuana and other drugs. Thanks for listening! 
Published 09/03/19
So if you haven't heard, the Amazon rainforest is on fire. Also, it's because people eat cows, maybe. On episode 75 Lisa and Jimi break down all the facts and misinformation surrounding these fires and offer a real life perspective on another miscommunicated world event. 
Published 08/29/19