In this episode, we interview pattern designer, sewing teacher, quilted coat maker extraordinaire, and snappy dresser Natalie Ebaugh! She talks to us about her design process, her long career in the sewing community, and how she puts her amazing outfits together.  Show Notes
Published 04/09/24
Published 04/09/24
We share four big strategies for saving money on sewing, with lots of helpful tips from our listeners. You can make amazing things without spending a lot - or anything at all! Show Notes
Published 04/02/24
In this episode, we interview Jacqueline Shaw, an expert on African fabrics and fashion. We chat with her about waxprint (also called ankara, African print, or kitenge) - what it is, how it’s made, what you can sew with it, and lots more! Jacqueline is a successful and passionate entrepreneur with a deep knowledge of the subject. Listen in and get inspired! Show Notes
Published 03/26/24
This episode is all about lace! What it is, how to sew with it, and WHAT to sew with it. Plus, an overview of the history of lace, the different kinds of lace, and your lace questions, answered! We also answer a listener question about how to draft a paneled circle skirt. Show Notes
Published 03/19/24
In this episode, we interview Kenneth D. King - couture designer, technical sewing wizard, teacher, writer, and contributing editor to Threads Magazine. We chat with him about the couture techniques he developed himself, his storied career, and his latest book: Doll Couture! Show Notes
Published 03/12/24
In this episode, we’re taking you through all the steps of making test garments, a.k.a. muslins, a.k.a. toiles! From choosing the right fabric to how to cut it, baste it, and adjust it, we’ll demystify this sewing step so you can get your perfect fit and style. Plus, we have a little chatty catch-up about what we did during our winter break.  Show Notes
Published 03/05/24
In this episode, we head to the place where sewing and media meet! First, we share some TV shows, movies, podcasts, and audiobooks that are about sewing. Then, we share recommendations from us and listeners about non-sewing-related media we love to put on while we sew. We also share some tips for how to actually hear or see media while you’re at the machine. Plus, we share listener feedback about a me-made wedding dress, a roller sewing machine foot, and the archaeology of sewing needles.  ...
Published 11/28/23
Today we're diving deep into bag making! We talk about the best fabrics to use, how to give your bags structure, and how to make a bag that's both functional and stylish. We also demystify bag hardware and share some great indie bag patterns! Plus, we answer listener questions about making IRL sewing friends and picking up tiny threads after seam ripping. Show Notes
Published 11/21/23
In this episode, Caroline tells us all about making her own wedding dress! From designing to fabric shopping to muslining to hand finishing, she shares her joys and her lessons learned. Congratulations, Caroline! Show Notes
Published 11/14/23
In this episode, we interview Bernadette Banner, historical sewist extraordinaire! She answers all of our hand sewing questions, chats with us about historical clothing, and gives us a behind-the-scenes look at her YouTube channel.  Show Notes
Published 11/07/23
In this episode, we’re getting inspired by vintage styles from the 1920s to the 1990s! We’re going to talk about the typical silhouettes, styles, and fabrics from each decade. We’ll also share media to watch to get inspired and indie patterns that have the decade’s vibe. So get in the time machine - we’re going window shopping! Show Notes
Published 10/31/23
This episode is all about applique! We’re going to share some applique inspo, walk you through different methods of machine and hand applique, and give you a bunch of tips. Applique a quilt, applique your clothes, applique a wall hanging - you’ll want to applique your whole life by the time we’re finished! Show Notes
Published 10/24/23
In this episode, we interview crafter extraordinaire Larrie King, also known as Mister Larrie! We chat with him about nurturing creativity, improv quilting, and trying allll the things. Is there a craft Larrie hasn’t attempted? Let’s find out! Show Notes
Published 10/17/23
In this episode, we’re sharing stories from long-time sewists! The sewists featured in this episode have been sewing for over 40 years - but some have been sewing for over 60. Wow! They share their sewing memories, advice, and perspectives on changes in the sewing world. Show Notes
Published 10/10/23
In today’s treat of an episode, we’re talking about sewing costumes! We’ll share the costumes we’ve made and worn, talk about special costume considerations, give some tips for working with unusual fabrics, and share some costume ideas! We’re just DYING to dress up!  Show Notes
Published 10/03/23
In this episode, we interview Claire Birnie from Sew Outdoorsy! We chat with her about technical fabrics, weatherproofing your me-mades, gear sewing techniques, and designing plus size patterns for activewear.  Show Notes
Published 09/26/23
We answer a bunch of questions in this episode: What even is a yoke, anyways? Are my shoulders weird? How do I DIY those cute western embellishments on my me-mades? We share ideas, inspo, pattern adjustments, and more! Plus, we answer a listener question about making elastic waistbands easier to sew and wear.  Show Notes
Published 09/19/23
In this episode, we interview Wendy Liu, also known as WithWendy! We chat with her about DIY-ing designer clothes, thrifting fabrics, making mistakes, and producing amazing sewing videos on YouTube. Show Notes
Published 09/11/23
You’ve reached the Love to Sew Help Line! What’s your sewing struggle? In this episode, we’re taking your calls and giving out advice - on how to upcycle overalls into pants, what fabrics to use for summer shorts and trousers, whether or not to backstitch when shirring, and more! Plus, we catch up about our summer adventures and announce a new way to support Love to Sew. Show Notes
Published 09/05/23
You asked, we answer! In this episode, we answer questions about lots of different topics, including: Caroline’s wedding dress, Helen’s board game recommendations, impostor syndrome, dealing with negative feedback, and our favourite pizza toppings. When we said ask us anything, we meant it! Plus, we give a personal update on our lives and businesses for the past eight months, play a fun game, and share a WIP organization tip from a drag queen listener. Show Notes
Published 05/30/23
This episode is filled with ideas for sewing projects to make for your fur babies! We recommend patterns, fabrics, and sewing techniques that will keep your pets safe, entertained, and adorable. Plus, we chat about our own pets, answer a question about how to fix a dress pattern that comes out shorter in front, and share a listener tip about soluble basting thread.  Show Notes
Published 05/23/23
Knits vs. wovens! Late night sewing vs. daytime sewing! Making a muslin vs just going for it! In this episode, Helen and Caroline have friendly debates over different approaches to sewing. They weigh the pros and cons of each choice before revealing their personal preferences - and the results of our Instagram polls (nearly 3,000 of you responded!). It’s all in good fun - there is a lot of laughing in this episode. Plus, listener questions about using fabric that goes over a pattern’s...
Published 05/16/23
Sewing is a good thing. Travel is a good thing. Put them together and you get a GREAT thing! In this episode, we talk about taking your sewing with you on your travels, planning sewing-themed activities for your trips, and how to make your me-mades presentable while travelling. Plus, we talk about sewing retreats, sewing conventions, and planning your own sewing trip! We also share listener feedback about shopping for sewing souvenirs while traveling, crafty Vancouver recommendations, and an...
Published 05/09/23
In this episode, we share all the info you need to get gorgeous gathers, stretchy shirring, and fluttery flounces. This episode is packed with techniques and tips! We also recommend lots of patterns and share pattern hack ideas. Plus: a listener writes to us about gathers in quilting.  Show Notes
Published 05/02/23