12 Diets You Should Never Try, A Logical Review
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Leah & Holly Jean comment on the articles "12 Diets You Should Never Try" & "If you want to eat like your paleo ancestors, stop cutting out all carbs" after recapping the latest episodes.
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In our July Co-Host Catch Up, we discuss this month's guests and look at new stories about a weight loss device developed to lock the mouth almost shut, and a Mom slammed for giving her 11-year-old daughter a "keto diet" lunch.
Published 07/26/21
Guest: Chiropractor & metabolic nutrition specialist Dr. Don Clum. Discussed: eating windows, meal times, intermittent fasting, Metabolic Syndrome, blood sugar management, varying routine for health, & autophagy.
Published 07/19/21
Ben Azadi is a long-time Keto advocate and Educator, Podcaster, Youtuber and the Author of four best-selling books, including his latest, Keto Flex: 4 secrets to reduce inflammation, burn fat & reboot your metabolism.
Published 07/12/21