Brand Strategy + Great Design with Kenzi Green
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Kenzi Green is shedding light on having a great brand strategy, the importance of strategic design, and following her intuition in today's episode! To follow Kenzi on Instagram, click here.
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I took a month off of podcasting to go on multiple trips, had a Reel go viral, and gained 1000 followers in 2 weeks! What a month! In this episode we dive into my Reels strategy that helped me expand my audience.
Published 09/28/21
Let's chat branding! Your brand is your businesses personality, and it's your job to communicate that personality to your audience through your visuals. Click here to join Boldly Branding!
Published 08/16/21
Having comfortability in your brand is a huge goal, but it's also a sign you're ready to move to the next level. Here are my best tips to recognizing when you're needing an up-level! 
Published 08/13/21