Creating a High-Revenue Microbusiness with Elaine Pofeldt
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Small businesses are essential to our economy. They create jobs, bring new products to market, and enrich their local communities. All while allowing millions of entrepreneurs pursue work they love and a lifestyle they desire. Elaine Pofeldt is an independent journalist and author who profiles high-revenue microbusiness and shares their strategies for success. Her book Tiny Business, Big Money is full of examples of entrepreneurs who had an idea and a dream - and now make over $1 million in revenue (and often much more). The best part is they accomplished this with a very small team and often fairly simple operations. Beyond the simple Main Street coffee shop, and miles away from venture-funded tech startups, there is a whole world of high-revenue microbusiness where entrepreneurs are building wealth while living their best life. Hearing the stories Elaine tells will inspire you to ponder how you might follow this path and achieve more freedom. This is the way. Find Elaine's book here. Find us at
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