How to Keep (and Captivate) the Attention of Prospective Customers
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Feeling stuck with your marketing efforts? Maybe your emails aren't hitting the mark or crafting marketing materials is leaving you overwhelmed and frustrated. Well, we've got your back! Call 615-649-0705 and let us your name, the name of your business, and what's got you stuck. If selected, your question could be featured in an upcoming episode where J.J. and April coach you through so you're finally unstuck. Just call 615-649-0705 and let us your name, the name of your business, and what's got you stuck. We can't wait to hear from you!   --   Building a database of warm prospects takes time and dedication. So many times, businesses miss the mark and fail to spot an opportunity that is right in front of them—leaving money on the table. When we have a potential customer’s attention but they’re not yet ready to buy, we want to be sure to keep that communication line open and find a way to follow up. But how do we do that?    In this week's episode, hosts Dr. J.J. Peterson and April Sunshine Hawkins welcome special guest Josh Taylor, a 7-year StoryBrand Certified Guide. They continue the conversation series: "What is something you’ve seen and learned in your marketing career that you know to be true?" You'll discover what Josh does to keep potential customers’ attention, what he offers them, and what he asks in return. Tune in and learn how to turn "not-yet" potential buyers into "take my money" customers!   Contact StoryBrand Certified Guide Josh Taylor directly at   --   CLARIFY YOUR MARKETING AND CREATE YOUR FREE BRANDSCRIPT:   TURN YOUR WEBSITE INTO A SALES MACHINE WITH THE ULTIMATE WEBSITE TEMPLATE:   HIRE A STORYBRAND CERTIFIED GUIDE TO HELP CREATE THE MARKETING AND MESSAGING YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO GROW:   HELP US DELIVER EVEN MORE VALUE EACH WEEK BY COMPLETING OUR HERO MAKER SURVEY:   STORYBRAND INSTAGRAM:
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Published 05/22/24
Published 05/22/24
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