#152: How to Win Attention in a Distracted World
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Feeling stuck with your marketing efforts? Maybe your emails aren't hitting the mark or crafting marketing materials is leaving you overwhelmed and frustrated. Well, we've got your back! Call 615-649-0705 and let us your name, the name of your business, and what's got you stuck. If selected, your question could be featured in an upcoming episode where J.J. and April coach you through so you're finally unstuck. Just call 615-649-0705 and let us your name, the name of your business, and what's got you stuck. We can't wait to hear from you!   --   It’s no secret: so many people are exhausted and overwhelmed these days. So they have to make choices about where they’re putting their attention. Now, think about your brand’s messaging. How are you reaching out? What story are you telling? If people don’t feel like you understand them or care about them, they likely won’t give you any of their precious time. So how can you show them you care and you “get it,” so they will want to hear what you have to say?   In this week’s episode, J.J. and April ask special guest Daniel Bussius the question: “What is something you’ve seen and learned in your marketing career that you know to be true?” Daniel is a StoryBrand Certified Guide and owner of Built By Love, an award-winning digital marketing agency. He reveals the one truth that has remained constant over his 25+ years of experience, regardless of the industry, the size of the business, or what marketing strategies they use. You’ll also walk away with two expert tips that will give your marketing message the greatest impact. Listen in and learn the secrets to cutting through the busy-ness and overwhelm to make sure your customers receive the message they need to hear!   Contact StoryBrand Certified Guide Daniel Bussius directly at MarketingMadeSimple.com/built-by-love.   --   CLARIFY YOUR MARKETING AND CREATE YOUR FREE BRANDSCRIPT: Storybrand.com/sb7   TURN YOUR WEBSITE INTO A SALES MACHINE WITH THE ULTIMATE WEBSITE TEMPLATE: BusinessMadeSimple.com/Website   HIRE A STORYBRAND CERTIFIED GUIDE TO HELP CREATE THE MARKETING AND MESSAGING YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO GROW: MarketingMadeSimple.com   HELP US DELIVER EVEN MORE VALUE EACH WEEK BY COMPLETING OUR HERO MAKER SURVEY: StoryBrand.com/Survey   STORYBRAND INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/StoryBrand
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