Habits: How To Create Good Daily Habits
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Hello members and subscribers! It’s time for our fourth Moonshots Master episode, and here we are breaking down the fundamentals of HABITS. Beginning our journey we hear from the powerhouse of habits, Charles Duhigg, and get inspired to master our own behaviours. We then hear from the GOAT himself, Tom Brady, and how he continues to be at the top of his game through habitual design. We’ll also hear from Tim Ferriss and his findings through a lifetime of researching the perfect way to start your morning. Fully inspired, let’s get into understanding habitual thinking with Daniel Kahneman, who encourages us to control our fast and slow thinking. Stephen Covey - the absolute master of habits - helps us understand to cultivate self-mastery. Finally, James Clear reveals an experiment that teaches us to celebrate the process and systems of progress, rather than the end-goal. Closing our deep-dive into habits, we hear from Charles Duhigg on how we can create habits by altering our behaviour. We also dig into Robin Sharma’s three phases of building habits. And closing out the show we hear from Stephen Covey again, who reveals that the trick to building good habits is to focus on continuous improvements, every single day.
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