Why You Self Sabotage And How To Stop
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Join me on this journey as we explore the incredible power of your thoughts and beliefs in shaping your reality. We'll uncover how your childhood experiences and internal stories might be holding you back, and most importantly, I'll share practical strategies to break free from self-sabotage and unleash your full potential.
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In today's episode, we're exploring a game-changing technique: "reverse visualization" or "negative visualization." Instead of just dreaming big, we're going to imagine the worst-case scenarios in your business, relationships, health, and career. Sounds intense, right? But trust me, it helps you...
Published 06/13/24
Published 06/13/24
In today's episode, we're diving into how you can let go of stress and truly live in the moment. We'll explore why constantly chasing future goals or dwelling on the past keeps us from appreciating the now and how mindfulness and meditation can make a huge difference. Join me as we uncover...
Published 06/12/24