Turning The Unknown Into Magic
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Life will only become its most fulfilling if we become our real selves as we work towards our dreams. A big part of that is being brave enough to be different and individual and discover that we will be loved even more that way. If no one was doing it or if everyone was doing it, this is the vow I make to my soul - to be me.  Download the 'My Human Design' app in the App Store and on Google Play Get your free Human Design Chart on our website www.myhumandesign.com To follow us on Instagram click HERE To connect with Jenna Zoe click HERE To connect with Taylor Grewe click HERE
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We are all sitting on extraordinary levels of gifts that haven't yet been expressed and unwitnessed by humans. We can only know these heights by getting out of our own way, not always wondering our worth - and actually deciding to give it a shot and see what Life has given us. The discovery of...
Published 04/16/24
Published 04/16/24
This week we’re reframing the experience of procrastination and lack of motivation. Which are both very natural and necessary parts of making changes in our lives and the creative process. Understanding your Human Design chart can illuminate your way of working with these energies. I hope this...
Published 04/09/24