I learned about Chaos Theory Ceramics through Twitter. They have beautiful pictures of tea cups that immediately caught my attention. In this episode we talk about Jian ware. Since the Song dynasty it has become highly prized in Japan, where … Continue reading →
Published 05/10/16
Once again I interview Tyas Huybrechts, who recently started his own online tea store: The Tea Crane. He focuses on premium Japanese teas, many of which are either organic or what he refers to as “natural”. Besides this, we also … Continue reading →
Published 02/09/16
In this interview I speak with Naomi Komatsu (executive director) and Yusuke Ikegaya (translator) of Kanes Tea. This Japanese tea company is starting to sell its products abroad. It offers a good range of quality teas, and it has won … Continue reading →
Published 12/15/15
There’s been a lot of excitement in the tea world regarding the Teforia infuser. I haven’t seen it in action yet, but I managed to land this interview with Allen Han, Teforia’s founder. This device has a lot of potential, … Continue reading →
Published 11/24/15
In this episode I interview Robert Wemischner, author of Cooking with Tea. Robert is a pastry chef and a culinary educator. His vast knowledge of using tea as an ingredient is truly amazing. I’m not really good at cooking but … Continue reading →
Published 07/14/15
Den’s Tea is a tea company from California that sells Japanese tea. In this episode I interview Den Shirakata, a third-generation tea merchant and owner of Den’s Tea. We talk about his company’s history, the popularity of fukamushi sencha in … Continue reading →
Published 06/23/15
Noli Ergas from Sugimoto America tells us the results from the analysis of their powdered teas: high and low grade matcha, houjicha powder and genmaicha powder. How much calories, caffeine, L-theanine and catechins are in each powdered tea? Is the … Continue reading →
Published 06/02/15
The Urasenke school of the tea Japanese tea ceremony is the most popular, in terms of number of members. To learn more about it, I interviewed Reina Sakao of Sakao Enterprise. By the way, I had previously talked with Reina … Continue reading →
Published 05/26/15
The Enshu school of the Japanese tea ceremony isn’t very well known, but I find it intriguing because it was founded by a feudal lord and hence it is a warrior’s school of tea. What differences does this make? I … Continue reading →
Published 04/07/15
Have you ever seen a Japanese green tea with an extra step of oxidation? Neither had I until I heard about bihakkou  (微発酵, slight withering), also called ichou (萎凋) green teas. Our guest for this show is Shiho Kanamaru of … Continue reading →
Published 02/03/15
In this episode I talk with Pierre Baston, the inventor of the Qterra NOVO travel tea brewer. Imagine being able to brew multiple steepings of your favorite tea on the go, all in one travel tea brewer. It also cools … Continue reading →
Published 12/23/14
Elyse Petersen is well known in the tea industry. She is the founder of Tealet, a tea company that aims to narrow the gap between tea producers and tea drinkers worldwide. We talk about her background and about different aspects … Continue reading →
Published 09/16/14
In this episode I interview James Oliveira of Aiya America. Aiya is the largest producer of matcha in the world. I first met James at the World Tea Expo, he knows a lot about matcha as you’ll see in the … Continue reading →
Published 09/02/14
This is the first time that I record a joint podcast with a fellow podcaster: TJ Williamson from the World Tea Podcast. The same audio file will be published on both of our sites at the same time. TJ has … Continue reading →
Published 08/05/14
For people like me that have never experienced tea culture in the United Kingdom, this episode will be a good introduction. I talked with Kyle Whittington of Whittington’s Tea Emporium (update: The company has become part of Tea Studio). Check … Continue reading →
Published 07/01/14
Sugimoto America is a subsidiary of Sugimoto Seicha, a very old Japanese tea company. I interviewed Noli Ergas and he shared a good amount of information regarding the company and its teas. Noli also talks about temomi shincha (hand-rolled shincha) … Continue reading →
Published 03/11/14
This episode is a little different from the others, because one of the interviewees is speaking in Japanese! Simona Zavadckyte and Akihiro Kita (aka Akky) from Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms were kind enough to talk to me in this podcast, … Continue reading →
Published 01/28/14
Did you know that Japan has it’s own organic certification for tea? To shed some light on the subject, I interviewed Ian Chun from Yunomi.us, a marketplace for Japanese teas. You can learn more about Yunomi.us on podcast episode 2. … Continue reading →
Published 12/03/13
Have you ever thought about buying your favorite teas from different brands on the same store? This is the idea behind Whittington’s Tea Emporium, an online tea store that offers many specialty tea brands. It’s located in the UK, but … Continue reading →
Published 10/22/13
Have you ever wanted to process raw leaves in your kitchen, in order to make your own tea? If so, you’re in luck, because Caleb Hodes of Boston Teawrights will send raw leaves to you. You’ll also find the necessary … Continue reading →
Published 10/01/13
Unlike most online tea stores, Breakaway Matcha only sells one type of tea. I had a good time interviewing Eric Gower. He lived in Japan for many years and is passionate about matcha. As a chef and author, he talks … Continue reading →
Published 08/22/13
Tea Horse is a British online tea store that sells a variety of loose leaf tea. This is the first time that I feature a tea company from the United Kingdom 🙂 I decided to do so because they ship … Continue reading →
Published 07/16/13
In a sense, Nicole Martin is my tea blogging mentor. She helped me out with some questions I had when I started this blog, and she is also active in a Google + community for tea bloggers. Her blog, Tea … Continue reading →
Published 06/18/13
Mellow Monk is an online tea company that sells Japanese teas from the Kumamoto prefecture. I interviewed Paul Kotta, Mellow Monk’s founder, who personally meets and buys from artisans that produce single-estate tea at a small scale. The type of … Continue reading →
Published 06/04/13
I first met Reina Sakao on Google+, she’s active in the the Japanese Tea Community. She posts beautiful pictures of teaware there, so I encourage you to join. It’s a Japanese company with a branch office in Canada,  and they … Continue reading →
Published 04/23/13