I have had the pleasure of working with Greybrook Realty Partners, a company that has been crowdfunding for a very long time, has $20 billion of projects under development, 8,000 active investors and one of the most finely tuned development and investor relations systems in the industry and I am delighted to introduce you today to their CEO, Peter Politis.
Published 09/28/21
Learn from my guest today, Orest Mandzy, Managing Editor, Commercial Real Estate Direct, how he has built an entire CRE information business online, starting over twenty years ago when it was just experimental to have online businesses, unlike today when it's mandatory. #realestatesyndication #realestatecrowdfunding #realestatedevelopment #realestate #realestateinvesting
Published 09/07/21
My guest today Aaron Halfacre, CEO of the crowdfunding platform Modiv and what you’ll hear from him today is that by investing in real estate through Modiv, you also get an ownership share in the company itself.
Published 08/31/21
Charlie Rushton, Managing Partner at Saber Equity describes Parkway Flats, a class A apartment building in Houston, Texas. Asset Class: Class A apartment building Investment type: equity Deal Size: $45.6 million Equity requirement: $11.5 million Preferred return: 8% Projected IRR: 21% Projected Emx: 2.14x Minimum investment: $50,000 Sign up for the free GowerCrowd newsletter at www.gowercrowd.com to learn more.
Published 07/12/21
Alan Donenfeld, Founder at CityVest, describes the Catalyst Access Fund Investment Opportunity. Sponsor: CityVest Deal Name: Catalyst Access Fund Type: Feeder fund with favorable terms Asset Class: Multifamily Investment type: Equity Offering Size: $5 million feeder fund into a $20MM fund Preferred return: 12% Projected returns: 30%+ IRR Minimum Investment:$25,000 Sign up for the free GowerCrowd newsletter at www.gowercrowd.com to learn more.
Published 06/22/21
Chris Carsley & Brock Freeman, Managing Partners of Kirkland Capital Group describe the Bridge Finance Debt Fund investment opportunity. Sponsor: Kirkland Capital Group Deal name: Kirkland Income Fund I LLC Asset Class: Micro commercial loans - under $1 million with terms 3-12 months Investment type: Equity Offering size: $100 million Projected returns: 8.5% to 9.5% Minimum investment: $100,000 Sign up for the free GowerCrowd newsletter at www.gowercrowd.com to learn more.
Published 06/21/21
Tune in to listen to capital raiser Dan Kryzanowski describe the Single Tenant NNN Fund Investment Opportunity at BV Capital. Sponsor: BV Capital Deal name: BV Archway Real Estate Income Fund Asset Class: Single tenant NNN leased Investment type: Equity Promote structure: 50:50 Projected fund level IRR: 10% to 15% Preferred Return: 7.00% paid monthly Hold period: 5 Years Sign up for the free GowerCrowd newsletter at www.gowercrowd.com to learn more.
Published 06/18/21
Partners Rob Boese and Erin Volpp, WHSE Partners, describe the Madera Industrial Warehouse project they are developing. Sponsor: WHSE Partners Deal name: Madera Industrial WHSE Asset Class: Ground-up Industrial Warehouse Investment type: Equity Offering size: $5,049,213 Projected IRR: 28.07% Preferred Return: 10.00% accrued Minimum Investment: $100,000 Hold period: 30 months Sign up for the free GowerCrowd newsletter at www.gowercrowd.com to learn more.
Published 05/10/21
Larry Feldman, CEO of Feldman Equities, describes the Pinnacle Corporate Park in Fort Lauderdale, FL., an equity investment in a Class 'A' office building: Sponsor: Feldman Equities Deal name: Pinnacle Corporate Park Asset Class: Class 'A' Offices Investment type: Equity Offering size: $19.5 million Projected IRR: 15.7% Preferred Return: 8.00% Minimum Investment: $25,000 Hold period: 5 Years Sign up for the free GowerCrowd newsletter at www.gowercrowd.com to learn more.
Published 05/08/21
Dave Parker, President and Mark Panattoni, Managing Director, of Chase Partners Ltd describe their $100MM Southern California industrial real estate fund investment opportunity: Deal name: Chase Partners Logistics Fund I Asset Class: Southern California Industrial Real Estate Investment type: Equity Offering size: $100 million Projected IRR: 8% - 12% Preferred Return: 6% with tax advantages Minimum Investment: $250,000 Hold period: 7-10 Years Learn more at www.gowercrowd.com.
Published 04/29/21
For the last couple of years I have been producing a podcast on digital marketing best practices and so I am delighted to introduce you today to a digital marketing expert whose clientele illustrate that everything we've been covering during this series, applies to enormous companies and institutions just as much as it does to you.
Published 04/27/21
Kris Benson, CIO at Reliant Real Estate Management describes the Reliant Self Storage Fund II investment opportunity. Highlights below: Asset Class: Self Storage Investment type: Equity Projected total return: 72% - 90% Targeted returns: 12%-15% cash-on-cash including profits from sale Minimum Investment: $50,000 Hold period: 6 Years Sign up to the GowerCrowd newsletter at GowerCrowd.com to learn more.
Published 04/23/21
A paradox in the growth of the real estate crowdfunding world is that at the same time as it is becoming easier for sponsors to reach accredited investors online, it is also becoming increasingly difficult for them to rely on anyone else to do the heavy lifting for them. The major crowdfunding platforms are so successful that their entry qualifications are getting harder and harder and so enter my guest today Kam Zainabadi and his platform, Park Place Investment, where anyone can list a deal.
Published 04/20/21
Diego Ojeda, President of Rilea Group, Florida, describes the Mohawk at Wynwood, 12 story, 211,477 leasable sf, 225 residential unit building with retail and WFH office: Asset Class: Class A, ground-up residential & mixed use Investment type: Equity  Total estimated project cost: $103.4 million Total equity required:  $41.4 million Projected IRR: 20.26%  Projected Equity Multiple: 2.43x  Projected stabilized cash-on-cash: 9.89% Target hold period: 5 years Opportunity close date: June 2,...
Published 04/14/21
For a change this week, I am delighted to introduce you to a deal from the 'other' world of crowdfunding and that most often associated with the term; the world of the non-accredited investor through WeFunder, a typically non-real estate related marketplace. My guest today operates a most delightful company that bridges the gap between real estate and small/medium business capital formation. Robert Frisch is raising money on the WeFunder platform for his 'glamping' platform, Firelight Camps.
Published 04/13/21
Listen in as as the Brit Properties team describe their industrial real estate investment co-sponsor opportunity - highlights below: Sponsor: Brit Properties Deal name: Co-sponsor Group Asset Class: Industrial real estate Investment type: Co-sponsorship Target annual return: 20%+ including appreciation Minimum investment: $25,000 Average Loan to Value: 30% (very low to preserve capital) Target hold period: 2 years
Published 04/10/21
Hear Dan Drew, Founder & CEO of Eastview Capital pitch his latest deal - highlights below: Deal name: Park Central Luxury Townhomes Location: Phoenix, AZ Asset Class: residential for rent Investment type: Preferred equity Target IRR: 12% Aggregate; 7% current & 5% accrual. Minimum Investment: $5,000 Target hold period: 2.5 years
Published 04/09/21
Hear Dan Drew, Founder & CEO of Eastview Capital pitch his latest deal - highlights below: Deal name: 8-10 Wright Street, Westport Connecticut Asset Class: Class "A" Office Investment type: JV Equity Target IRR: 12% Aggregate Current cash yield: 7% Target hold period: 6 years
Published 04/08/21
I am frequently asked who are the top crowdfunding platforms and my guest today, Soren Godbersen, is Chief Growth Officer at one of the top ten companies in the world, Equity Multiple. Soren and his team look at a lot of sponsors, at a lot of deals, and manage a lot of investors and the insights he shares today are an aggregation of the intel he gains on a daily basis. You'll learn from Soren what makes for a good real estate developer, why education is the key to success, and a lot more.
Published 04/06/21
Listen in as Michael Van Putten of the real estate crowdfunding company, FarmTogether, pitches the Antelope Almond Orchard deal: Sponsor: FarmTogether Deal name: Antelope Almond Orchard Deal Highlights: Target IRR: 10.0% Target net tax adjusted IRR: 12.8% Target net avg. cash yield: 8.6% MOIC: 2.2x Target hold period: 10 years
Published 03/31/21
Yonah is a Cost Segregation Expert at Madison SPECS - a company that has done over 14,000 cost segregation studies across the US. The result of this effort is a whopping savings currently totaling over $3 billion for their clients. But Yonah isn't just a cost segregation expert, he's also a LinkedIn guru who has carved out a very successful niche for himself on the platform. Today, Yonah and I chat about LinkedIn best practices for real estate professionals and how we can all get in on the...
Published 03/30/21
The rules of engagement for real estate professionals have changed and no-one understands this better than my guest, David Meerman Scott whose book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR has sold over 400,000 copies and been translated into 29 languages. Fortunately, he only uses one of those languages in our podcast today - so tune in and hear David discuss in plain English everything you need to know about how the world of marketing has changed forever.
Published 03/23/21
Michael is principal and CEO of Liberty Real Estate Fund. Liberty Fund is a net leased property fund curated to create a conservative, safe haven portfolio of long term, Single-Tenant Net-Leased properties. The fund is designed for geographic diversification, tenant credit diversification and industry diversification. In addition to his leadership expertise in the the triple net world, Michael is also a recognized expert and one of the country's leading pioneers in the world of real estate...
Published 03/16/21
Paul oversees the production of research publications including detailed papers on multifamily, self-storage and office data properties in more than 130 markets nationwide. Paul is extremely well informed about the US commercial real estate industry and you are going hear some of his insights in this podcast. Paul is a true pleasure to talk to and to get to know. It has been my great honor to be associated with him and I'm delighted to have him on the podcast today.
Published 03/09/21