Beastie Boys Pt VI: The Sure Shot
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As our story of The Beasties approaches it's final stop, Carolina and Marcus breakdown a time in the group's career when they had already achieved greatness but strove to artistically take their sound to another level. Through new found collaborations and pulling from all of the creative elements that made up their earlier successes, the 3 MCs from NYC would go on to record "Hello Nasty" & some of the most memorable hits in their catalog. Lastly, with a new, slightly-more mature point of view, the Beastie Boys enter the swan song era of their career, which sadly ends in 2012 with the loss of founding member MCA Adam Yauch. Taking us out:  Dri Hiev - Salt Follow Marcus on Spotify to listen to all of the songs used in this episode   Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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In this penultimate episode of our Beastie Boy's series, Carolina and Marcus pick back up with the Beasties at the height of their success, fresh off the heels of a multi-platinum record and their first smash hit. As their fame and notoriety continues to grow, we see the group mature past their...
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This week Carolina and Marcus reach the mid way point in the story of the Beasties as the group transitions from their Hardcore roots to a full fledged Hip-Hop Act. We see the band lose a founding member but gain a legendary producer, and learn the bizarre story of Cooky Puss and it's "Celestial"...
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