#50: NUTRITION - How Carbohydrates Literally Can’t Make You Fat
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De Novo Lipogenesis - The reason carbohydrates don’t directly make you fat. In this episode I explain the real reason as to why the overconsumption of carbohydrate can lead to fat gain. A list of the references discussed can be found at www.Martin-MacDonald.com/Ep50  TOPICS 02:10 -  Is it even possible to turn carbohydrates into fat? 04:03 - What happens in the body when you over eat carbs 07:50 - The worlds best analogy on why over feeding carbohydrates leads to fat storage 12:00 - Are carbs turning into fat actually relevant to fat gain? 16:00 - What to actually consider when consuming carbs...
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Published 11/17/21
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Published 11/17/21
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