Published 02/26/24
A fantastic conversation this week. So much is changing in terms of streaming consolidation, content, branding and pricing. I'm joined by Michael Beach, CEO of Cross Screen Media in Washington DC. to discuss what exists today and what lies ahead. Thank to the Master of Advertising Effectiveness (MAE) program for sponsoring this episode. 
Published 02/26/24
Start-Ups are the focus of this first episode. We discuss the degree to which marketing and brand are factors in creating growth at this early stage. And about the importance of partnerships and product/market fit. Guests are Kathryn Winokur of Hally Hair, Imme Ermgassen of Botivo drinks and Jessica Klimczak, formerly of Entain. Thanks to Tracksuit for sponsoring this three episode series. Info at gotracksuit.com.
Published 02/20/24
Being synonymous with small resulted in newer, larger models being overlooked. We talk with Jonny Ewles of Media.Monks, London about the UK's APG award winning campaign for the MINI Clubman.
Published 02/03/24
Steve and Ed are each unique and prolific voices in our industry. We talk about how our new realities are a stage not just for change, but for opportunity.  Thanks to the Master of Advertising Effectiveness Program for sponsoring.
Published 01/28/24
In this final episode, we talk about Connections Planning from the media agency perspective. We're joined by Jon Gittings, International Head of Strategy at Wavemaker, LA, Eliza Kaplan , Exec. Dir. Global Strategy at OMD, NY and David Broad, Fmr. Marketing Strategy Director at Spotify. Thanks to WARC for sponsoring this three episode series. 
Published 01/22/24
The streaming platform's CMO, Nicole Parlapiano and Mischief's EVP, Strategy, Ed Gunn share the story behind their famous "Find Your Rabbit Hole" campaign and where it's headed. Thanks to the Master of Advertising Effectiveness Program for sponsoring.
Published 01/15/24
In Ep#2, we talk about how connections planning  is earning its seat at the table. We're joined by department heads Stephanie Ehui of TBWA Chiat/Day, Los Angeles, Jonathan Daly of Johannes Leonardo, NY,  Annex88's Brandon Solis. Thanks to WARC for sponsoring this three episode series. 
Published 01/08/24
For the third year, columnist and marketing professor, Mark Ritson shares his Top 10 Marketing Moments of the year. These are marketing moments, not simply advertising moments. We talk about each and why they mattered.  
Published 12/22/23
Brian Brydon, SVP, Head of Comms Strategy for Publicis, Enda Conway, Head of Connections Strategy for BBDO, NY and Ben Nilsen, Head of Media Strategy for Droga5 NY,  join me for Ep#1 to talk about the importance of Connections Planning in the ever increasing canvas of marketing strategy. Thanks to WARC for sponsoring this three episode series.
Published 12/17/23
Uber Eats are the 800 lb gorilla, but may be vulnerable. Rob Campbell of ColensoBBDO and Jean Mexted of Delivereasy talk about how they've defended against the intruder and just delivered their seven millionth order.
Published 12/10/23
The real story behind "You're not you when you're hungry." MARS Wrigley's Chief Brand Officer, Rankin Carroll and BBDO's Global CSO on MARS and PepsiCo, James Miller share the backstory and its evolution across 15 years.
Published 12/02/23
Is America truly lagging behind the rest of the world in its understanding and application of marketing effectiveness principles? We talk about what Mark wrote in his Marketing Week column that caused quite a stir. Thanks to the Master of Advertising Effectiveness (MAE) program for sponsoring our show.
Published 11/18/23
A 2023 APG Gold award winner, the Replens brand shines a spotlight on the strategic importance of understanding human psychology in consumer research. We're joined by Kit Altin, Chief Strategy Officer at The Gate, London. Thanks to The Masters of Advertising Effectiveness Program for sponsoring this episode.
Published 11/11/23
Our guests are from ADWEEK top agencies, Jeff McCrory, CSO, MischiefUSA,  Lee Maicon, CSO, The Community and John Doyle, EVP Brand Strategy at Colle McVoy. We talk about whether strategy is adding value when so much is so unimpressive and about the need for the U.S. to establish universal effectiveness principles.  Thanks to Tracksuit and WARC for sponsoring this series.
Published 11/04/23
From “It Pays to Discover” to “Especially for Everyone,” Discover is banking on the democratization of specialness to attract a new set of customers. CSO, Jen Costello and Group Brand Strategy Director, Steph Berenson join me from TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles. 
Published 10/28/23
Our guests are Dan Hill, Global CSO, Wieden+Kennedy, Melle Hock, U.S. CSO, Edelman and Kim Einan, Global CSO for Starcom. We talk about the importance of truth and the dangers of strategy becoming too “distinct” a department.  Thanks to WARC and Tracksuit for sponsoring this three episode series.
Published 10/22/23
David Gluckman has written a book about his years developing products and ideas for Diageo/IDV. Dozens of origin stories are in his book "That Shit Will Never Sell." He's a terrific story teller. He shares a few of them in this week's episode. 
Published 10/13/23
Our guests are Tom Morton, Global CSO, R/GA, Bonnie Wan, Partner, Head of Brand Strategy at Goodby, and John Gibson, Managing Director and Head of Strategy at The  Martin Agency. We talk fast v.s deep planning, the shape of new strategy, living with constant change and shape shifting for the next generation.  Thanks to WARC and Tracksuit for sponsoring this three episode series.
Published 10/08/23
From Ketchup Fraud to Hog Dog Pact to Vintage Drip and so many more, Heinz and Rethink deliver brilliantly on creative effectiveness in the CPG space.  Group Strategy Director, Julian Morgan and CCO, Mike Dubrick take us through their award-winning journey.
Published 10/02/23
With its "Real Food" message and its stand against industrial farming, Chipotle has built a brand that has withstood setbacks weaker brands wouldn't have survived. Its now built a database designed to give it faster, direct access to its customers, something it didn't have back when it was making not so great news. We talk with Jason Scoggins of Chipotle and Jason McCann of GALE, NY.
Published 09/23/23
Midol is encouraging people with periods to question the normalization of discomfort. We're joined by Kelly Fanning of Bayer and Andrea Shultz of MullenLowe, NY. Be sure to watch the creative work on our website. 
Published 09/15/23
This time it’s not about any one person’s famous order, but about McDonald’s itself as a famous order.  The new "As Featured In" campaign rolls out across 100 markets. We talk with Global Managing Director, Brandon Pracht and Global Strategy Director, Tass Tsitsopoulos, both of W+K, NY.
Published 08/25/23
In this episode, we talk about the two major buckets of metrics - exposure and impact - and how they're being potentially misused and misunderstood. 
Published 08/19/23
Canadian brand Kobo is using the popularity of guilty pleasure titles to carve out a unique space with women for its Kobo-plus e-reader subscription. We're joined by Lindsay Gray of Rakuten Kobo and Shari Walczak of The Garden, Toronto, Canada.
Published 08/12/23