United Airlines campaign to attract younger travelers
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Ep#3 in our Travel Series, United Airlines aligns with the stated beliefs of younger travelers through an ESG campaign that showcases its intentions and people. Thanks to Kantar for sponsoring this series.
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Ep#3 in our Outside-In Thinking series, Helen Edwards (columnist, author, prof) describes how fringe behaviors mainstream. We talk about what they are, how to discover them in your category and the audiences most likely to ignite them. This series is sponsored by The Planning Department.
Published 06/04/23
PBR earned subculture status in hipster/dive bars, but that status began to limit growth with its "we’re for the cool kids” vibe. This is the story behind the brand's response. We're joined by Lauren Sooudi and Rob Scherzer of DNA Seattle.
Published 05/28/23
Published 05/28/23