I’m Tired Of Hating My Ex
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Today on Oversharing, Dr. Naomi and Jordana talk about the psychology of celebrity obsessions and why people are so obsessed with their sports heroes. Our Overshare of the week features a voicemail from a Betch who is tired of trash-talking their ex. Today’s Betchicist goes out to a listener who is struggling to find the right therapist. Dr. Naomi writes an intention for an anxious new homeowner. And we’re feeling triggered by baby-less baby showers and ghosts of college memories passed. Check out our latest promo codes here: https://betches.com/promos Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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Today on Oversharing Dr. Naomi and Jordana discuss college dating rituals. Our Overshare is a voicemail from a listener who fears her partner may not have enough follow-through to be the one. Today’s Betchicist goes out to a Betch whose fiancé isn’t participating in family activities. Dr. Naomi...
Published 04/09/24
Published 04/09/24
Today on Oversharing Jordana updates Dr. Naomi on her group trip, and the two discuss the best way to get your crew together for a holiday. Our Overshare comes from a new mom coping with her traumatic birthing experience. Today’s Betchicist comes from a Betch dealing with a smelly houseguest. In...
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