North And South
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Episode 76. A mega-millions local government derby: Richard Brooks explains the mysterious dealings behind the Teeside ‘Freeport’, and Tim Minogue reveals how Croydon council managed to go bankrupt three times in two years. Free acre of highly contaminated waste ground with every download!
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Episode 77. Matt Muir provides the Eye’s take on new AI technology ChatGPT, which may well obliterate mankind in a new and exciting way, while Jane Mackenzie reveals the latest on open-cast mines in Wales, which might contribute to wiping out the species in an old-fashioned way.
Published 04/24/23
Episode 75. For the first time since 2019 the Eye returns to the National Theatre for a live rendition of the Private Eye Annual. Including the dulcet tones of Lewis Macleod, Jan Ravens, Harry Enfield, and Ian Hislop. Merry Christmas!
Published 12/19/22