Luke Nelson from Health and High Performance: Shin Pain
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Welcome to the podcast! Episode 111 is another interview with Luke Nelson, chiropractor at Health and high Performance. In this episode we discuss Medial Tibial stress syndrome, more commonly known as shin splints. Shin splints is the label often given for shin pain, but there are a number of things that can cause pain in the shin, so here we discuss some of the key causes. If you enjoy this episode, please go on over to Apple podcasts to rate, review and subscribe. It really helps grow the audience and help me get high profile athletes on the show. Thanks so much for your ongoing support! Also, I am looking at creating another bonus podcast, and would love to hear what the best running advice is that you have ever gotten. Could you do me a favour and send me a private message on Facebook to my personal page with an audio recording of your answer? I would love to have your voice on the podcast! Are injuries or niggles ruining your enjoyment of running and hindering your performance? Get on top of these and see the specialists at Health and High Performance. Utilizing the latest in technology, and with a wealth of experience, the team at Health & High Performance can assist you with all your running injury & performance needs. So to get back to enjoying your running and achieving the results you are capable of, head to or find them on Instagram Healthhighperformance. Health and High Performance are located in Mont Albert, Melbourne but are available for Telehealth appointments not only Australia-wide, but also around the world. Contact them on their website to find out more. Wild Earth Australia are THE online store to help you make the most of the outdoors with top quality gear at great prices. Peak Endurance podcast listeners can use the discount code PEAKENDURANCE (all capitals) to get 10% off at checkout. Head on over to to get everything you need for your next adventure! If you want to be your best, you need to be coached by the best. I have the experience and the knowledge to get you to your running peak. If you love to challenge yourself, email me to get a program designed just for you started. I hope this informative episode has helped you if you are feeling shin pain. Of course, this podcast does not substitute for medical advice so please see your specialist if you are feeling pain. It is always best to get something officially diagnosed so you know what you are dealing with. Enjoy this injury special with Luke!
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