Hey! We missed you! We're not back from break quite yet, but we thought we'd share this fun, brief chat (mostly about Hoyas) with Jane Perrone of On the Ledge Podcast that took place a few months ago as we set up to our record about Thalassa Cruso for Episode 95.
Published 07/20/21
The Plant Daddies brave a historic Pacific Northwest heatwave to bring you our final episode of Season 2! In this Chill and Chat, we give some plant updates (mostly about Hoyas, who are we kidding?), share our heatwave plant care strategies, and talk about an interesting recent study suggesting Staghorn Ferns may be eusocial. Stephen can't resist mentioning Ant Plants, and Matthew is already planning a fern colony in his stairwell. We'll see everyone in a few weeks!
Published 06/29/21
We made it! And you made it! For our 100th episode, the Plant Daddies serve a variety show of sorts - with listener questions, our most (and least) improved plant skills since beginning the show, and even we have learned from each other. How do you make that grocery store Phalaenopsis orchid bloom again? How should you move with plants? How have our collections changed in the last two years? Does Stephen still think his plants are the coolest? Does Matthew like Hoyas yet? (eye rolls)
Published 06/22/21
Looking for a consistently-flowering houseplant for that warm, sunny spot where more delicate plants may not thrive? Euphorbia milii is one Matthew has kept for years and Stephen feels may be having a moment. Is care the same as other succulent Euphorbias? How much should you worry about the sap toxicity and thorns? This might be another plant the Plant Daddies agree on.
Published 06/08/21
It’s Chill and Chat time again, and the Plant Daddies cover a grab bag of planty topics on their minds. Is Matthew changing his mind about terra cotta pots? Stephen finds a chart for profitable propagation... supposedly. And is this the first time we talk about growing things from seed?
Published 06/01/21
We don't mean to be cocky, but this may be our most titillating episode yet. See what we did there? Thank you. We tackle not one but two of the most popular novelty cacti, the so-called 'Boob Cactus' and the 'Penis Cactus.' Something… for almost everybody? Anyway, how easy are these to care for? And why do they look this way in the first place? Can the Plant Daddies resist the cheap jokes? And if we could only choose one, which would we recommend?
Published 05/27/21
In an extraordinary twist, we found a very common houseplant that Stephen has far more experience with than Matthew! The Madagascar Dragon Tree, Dracaena marginata - Stephen's oldest plant - may seem ubiquitous and ordinary, but he thinks these remarkably hardy plants can become surprisingly elegant when they mature. Will Matthew agree? Will Stephen charge Matthew for this therapy session?
Published 05/18/21
We're delighted to have Jane Perrone back on the show to talk about the under-appreciated houseplant icon, Thalassa Cruso. Who was she? How does the advice in her book Making Things Grow hold up decades later? And why isn't she better known today? To our surprise, we found some currently trendy techniques and plants in her 1968 book. Did Thalassa finally teach Stephen how to care for a Rex Begonia? Oh, and Jane is writing a book, too! We demand details.
Published 05/11/21
This week we cover the Cobra Lily, Darlingtonia californica, a local native carnivorous plant that we both love - even if we didn't when we first saw them. They can be tricky to grow in regions with warmer temperatures, so we explain some approaches, including zeer pots, ice cubes, and cisterns? Even if you don’t plan to get this plant, tune in for the interesting ways people try to keep these thriving! And to hear Matthew try to record after 10pm!
Published 05/05/21
In this month's Chill and Chat, the Plant Daddies go deep with two updates on plants featured in former episodes - Stephania erecta, the charismatic caudex plant from Episode 13, and the Fiddle Leaf Fig from Episode 39. Are they alive? Yes! But has everything gone as planned for these plants? Not quite, but there isn't any bad news! Matthew makes the biggest cut he's ever made, and Stephen "sets himself free."
Published 04/28/21
The Plant Daddies tackle a long-cherished classic plant for fragrant flower-lovers, Gardenia jasminoides. But as Mother's Day nears and these start to appear on shelves as potted ornamentals, we question: is this even a houseplant? Matthew's passion for Gardenias is extensive, and he shares his favorite varieties. But does everyone love fragrant plants? Stephen reveals some surprising statistics. And we have a question for the people of LA.
Published 04/20/21
Looking for a hassle-free plant that will appeal to both succulent and foliage plant sensibilities? Then you should check out Silver Squill, a unique, bulbous plant that we say we don't think about often, but then admit that we low-key love. How much light do these actually need? And are these best in sparse or dense displays? Are the Plant Daddies going to agree again this week? And don't miss the info about a special (free!) Carnivorous Plant event at the end of show!
Published 04/13/21
This week the Plant Daddies Chill 'n Chat about their favorite planty tools, including their favorites for watering, tamping, brushing, and… wait, plucking? If we both prefer simple tools, does that make us simple? Can Stephen get Matthew to admit how many spray bottles he owns? And Matthew is surprised to learn that apparently Tori Birch makes plant care supplies? We've never had this chat before, and it shows.
Published 03/30/21
Atlas Obscura's mission is to inspire wonder and curiosity about the incredible world we all share. Atlas Obscura co-founder and host Dylan Thuras is here to guide you on an audio journey to discover new and hidden places; perhaps on the other side of the world, or perhaps in your own backyard. Once there, you’ll hear stories and history from the incredible people who make these places special. Visit atlasobscura.com/podcast or follow in your podcast app! New episodes available every day,...
Published 03/25/21
This week the Plant Daddies talk Philodendron 'Florida Ghost'. Why cover such an expensive, still-not-that-common plant? Because among 'It Plants', it's been one of the best performing, most satisfying splurge purchases in Matthew's memory. Stephen calls out the particularly bad online care articles and shares a possible origin story for this cultivar, and Matthew apparently just thinks you should strongly consider this one.
Published 03/23/21
This week the Plant Daddies discuss Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, a surprisingly reliable flowering tropical for a sunny spot indoors - not just outside. Stephen's familiar with these plants, but most of his experience comes from… a video game? How should you fertilize for optimum flowering? And there are cultivars with brown flowers? Matthew takes us on a long walk through pruning, to an extent that many houseplant parents may not have needed to go before.
Published 03/16/21
We finally did it! This week the Plant Daddies sit down and talk all things Hoyas. We take a customary deep dive on care, some recommended species, scientific goodies, and stories of our own experiences in growing these popular fragrant flowering plants with amazing and diverse foliage… which we BOTH love. Is it weird when we agree? And how does the nectar taste?
Published 03/09/21
This month's Chill 'n Chat starts with plant updates and springtime plant care advice and ends with… well, all sorts of things. What will happen to our plants collections when quarantine ends and we return to work? Will Stephen have to adjust his soil recipes when he moves to a new apartment? Is massaging flytraps a fun couple's activity? And how delicious is Sansevieria nectar?
Published 03/02/21
The Plant Daddies finally give this iconic carnivorous plant its due time on the show. And then some. What should you do with that struggling flytrap you bought in a sealed container? Are terrariums needed (or even appropriate)? What's the deal with dormancy? And when is the right time to massage them? Of course we're always right - but we may have some updates to the care advice we gave the last time we mentioned these a couple years ago...
Published 02/24/21
This week we share our experiences with navigating the diverse world of Facebook Plant Groups, which can be great sources for care info, plants, community, and potentially frustration. Thankfully, the hosts of 2 Girls 1 Plant join us, because they have much more experience than we do, and were happy to share some excellent tips, tricks, and best practices to get the most from your online plant communities! Can Matthew tell BTS from BST? And what's a thunder-dome?
Published 02/16/21
Today we thought we'd cover an obscure plant that you may not have seen. Just kidding! Matthew literally saw it in the background of a movie last night. We take a deep dive on this most iconic of tropical houseplants, Monstera deliciosa, including care stories and struggles, their edible fruit, and we even manage to mention that there are variegated ones, and the compact Borsigiana. What took us so long to cover the plant in our logo? And is this Stephen's favorite plant that he hasn't grown?
Published 02/09/21
Peace Lilies may be ubiquitous, but they aren't often talked about among plant hobbyists. Do they deserve more attention? The Plant Daddies explain what Spathiphyllum offer for both new and experienced plant parents, and even help dispel some myths. Matthew shares some unusual varieties you may not know, and Stephen talks about chickens and baby corn. No, not a typo.
Published 02/02/21
In this month's informal Chill 'n Chat episode, the Plant Daddies search their memories for plant-related travel inspiration, hopefully providing some tips and ideas for whenever tourism is possible again! Soon, we hope? And Stephen bought another Adenium… but for Matthew this time, so he wants to give a pep talk. We go through so many travel stories that you may leave this one wondering how old we are.
Published 01/27/21
The Plant Daddies are ready to roll up their sleeves and dive into their houseplant trend predictions for 2021! Anyone surprised that Aroids and Hoyas feature heavily? They're also ready to vent about the 'It Plants' that disappointed them the most last year. Do the laws of physics apply to these plant fads? Let's just humor Stephen and say "yes." Then Matthew shares why we haven't released that Philodendron Birkin episode yet.
Published 01/19/21
We kick off 2021 with Maria Failla of Bloom and Grow Radio, who shares her perspectives on classes at the botanical garden, plant care for mindfulness, and she even guesses our plant parent personality types. Did Maria help the Plant Daddies begin to find themselves? Did Matthew put down that Gardenia? Does he sing Memory? Prepare for some surprises.
Published 01/12/21