✍🏻 "What's next?" Guided Journaling Practice for Life Transitions
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In this guided journaling practice, you’ll be tapping into your inner guidance to receive clarity about what’s next for you! Often, the answers are hidden in plain sight. Grab your journal & pen and let's begin 🤗 "Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love It will not lead you astray." - Rumi More Purely Being 💖 ✨ Instagram | @purelybeing ✨ Website | www.purelybeing.com
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Offer yourself a moment of radical self-love, attentiveness, and acceptance. Embracing yourself fully and completely. Wrapping yourself in your own tender love & care. Mmmm. So yummy! Click here to join my NEW Patreon Community 💥  Explore the new PLAYLISTS and search Purely Being...
Published 10/02/22
Published 10/02/22
Eating is one of the most prolific ways we exchange energy with life, connect to nature, and to our bodies. In this meditation, we'll practice mindful eating, savouring and appreciating the journey your food took to arrive on your plate and feeling the interconnectedness of all life! ✨ Before...
Published 09/25/22