July 28, 2021 U.S. stocks finished mixed on the heels of the highly-anticipated monetary policy decision from the Fed.
Published 07/28/21
July 27, 2021 U.S. stocks closed lower as the markets took a moment to reassess a recent run that pushed equities into record high territory.
Published 07/27/21
July 26, 2021 U.S. stocks closed modestly in the green and back in record high territory, as the markets returned to action following last week's wild swing that saw the markets overcome an early selloff.
Published 07/26/21
July 23, 2021 U.S. equities finished higher to cap off a wild week, rebounding decisively from Monday's malaise, while posting the fourth weekly gain in five and notching record highs along the way.
Published 07/23/21
July 21, 2021 U.S. stocks posted a second-straight day of gains, as the markets again bounced back following Monday’s sharp downturn.
Published 07/21/21
July 20, 2021U.S. equities rebounded from yesterday's beating in an all-to-familiar theme over the past several months of short-lived downturns.
Published 07/20/21
July 16, 2021 The U.S. equity markets headed into the weekend lower, snapping a three-week winning streak in the process, as investors weighed mixed reads on the all-important U.S. consumer, which appeared to add some uncertainty about the robustness of the economic expansion.
Published 07/16/21
July 14, 2021U.S. stocks closed mixed following a slip in the major indices yesterday, as the markets took in another hotter-than-expected inflation read, courtesy of the June Producer Price Index.
Published 07/14/21
July 13, 2021 U.S. equities finished lower following a much hotter-than-expected consumer price report that again heated up the inflation debate as to whether the Fed may be behind the curve.
Published 07/13/21
July 12, 2021U.S. equities kicked off a busy week of economic data and key events by closing higher, in a largely uneventful trading session.
Published 07/12/21
July 9, 2021The U.S. equity markets finished out a bumpy week in style, posting solid gains for the session and increasing its weekly winning streak to three.
Published 07/09/21
July 8, 2021 U.S. equities fell sharply, as the persistent drop in Treasury yields amid demand for bonds continued to worry investors.
Published 07/08/21
July 7, 2021 U.S. equities finished higher in a volatile session, as investors weighed the persistent drop in yields, with Treasuries seeing increased demand, against data that continues to show economic prosperity.
Published 07/07/21
July 6, 2021 U.S. equities finished mixed in a choppy session in their return to action following the long holiday weekend.
Published 07/06/21
July 1, 2021 U.S. equities finished higher across the board to begin Q3, with the S&P 500 continuing to notch record highs following a sharp first half rally.
Published 07/01/21
June 30, 2021 U.S. equities wrapped up the final day of Q2 mixed, but were still able to finish the quarter higher, as the S&P 500 continued to trade in record high territory.
Published 06/30/21
June 29, 2021 U.S. stocks finished the day modestly higher, marginally building on a late Q2 run that has seen the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq climb back into record high territory.
Published 06/29/21
June 28, 2021 U.S. equities began a busy week of data mixed, as stocks appeared to pause to take inventory of a market that just last week rallied back to record highs.
Published 06/28/21
June 25, 2021 U.S. equities finished mostly higher, notching solid weekly gains and fresh record highs along the way.
Published 06/25/21
June 24, 2021 U.S. equities finished with widespread gains, as concerns about premature tightening of global monetary policies appeared to cool following this week's dovish testimony from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell that countered last week's hawkish Fed tilt.
Published 06/24/21
June 18, 2021 U.S. equities finished out another volatile week solidly lower, with the Dow and S&P 500 posting sharp weekly losses and the Nasdaq erasing its advance for the week.
Published 06/23/21
June 23, 2021 U.S. stocks closed mixed with modest movement as the bulls took a breather following two straight positive days that helped the markets back toward record high territory.
Published 06/23/21
June 21, 2021 U.S. stocks closed higher, as equities saw broad gains across all sectors, following last week’s tumultuous movements.
Published 06/21/21
June 17, 2021 U.S. equities finished mixed as investors continued to digest yesterday's monetary policy decision from the Fed, as well as some diverging economic data.
Published 06/17/21
June 16, 2021 U.S. equities were able to climb off their lows of the day, but stocks finished lower following a day full of data and surprising events.
Published 06/16/21