Stocks Finish Higher In a Choppy Session as Inflation Runs Hot
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U.S. equities managed to add on to yesterday’s gains as consumer price inflation showed a modest increase month-over-month, and the year-over-year headline figure came in line with expectations but near a 40-year record.
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U.S. equities finished solidly higher in the wake of a spate of losses that has brought about a six-week losing streak for the S&P 500.
Published 05/20/22
U.S. equities revved higher into the close to finish mixed in the final session of a volatile week that saw some key retail sector earnings reports exacerbate inflation worries.
Published 05/20/22
U.S. equities finished in the red, but off the lows of the day, amid a choppy session after yesterday's sharp drop amid concerns about inflation pressures weighing on corporate profit margins.
Published 05/19/22