With the world caving in, Roos legend Corey McKernan felt like joining us for our in-depth discussion on Dane's dunny paper shortage, Taylor also working from home and how he'd cope if the internet collapsed.
Published 03/17/20
Dale Thomas joins his Collingwood Premiership teammate Dane Swan along with Samantha and Ralphy for an hour of gold. Insta: dthomas_39 samanthariches.com.au racetrackralphy.com.au
Published 03/11/20
As the Corona Virus and toilet paper hoarding stupidity equally take hold, Dane, Samantha and Ralphy get together to talk utter inanity even by their standards. Merch: swannyandfriends.com.au samanthariches.com.au racetrackralphy.com.au
Published 03/10/20
Dane selflessly returns to work on his birthday, and relived his overseas trip where he probably told us way too many details. Samantha name drops with a knight and Ralphy reads out short jokes. swannyandfriends.com.au for Merch samanthariches.com.au racetrackralphy.com.au
Published 02/25/20
With Dane still making his way back from the Superbowl, Hockeyroos great and Collingwood AFLW 3 game veteran Georgie Parker joins Sam and Ralphy as the not very serious Ex-Magpie. Enjoy! Twitter: @georgieparker samanthariches.com.au racetrackralphy.com.au
Published 02/07/20
Agenda items include Brodie Grundy's new contract, Alex Rance's rumours, Conor McGregor's 40 seconds, Steve Price's apology and "Ask Swanny" and "Ask Samantha" listener questions. Merch: swannyandfriends.com.au samanthariches.com.au racetrackralphy.com.au
Published 01/22/20
Samantha returns to rejoin Ralphy and Dane who has kept working from home thru the Xmas New Year period. Guest is Natasha Exelby who has covered the bushfires for Channel 10. Merch: swannyandfriends.com.au samanthariches.com.au racetrackralphy.com.au
Published 01/14/20
This is really ordinary, but we got Samantha on to say hi, and answered some "Ask Swanny" questions from social media. If you've enjoyed the year, thank us by getting a tshirt or stubby holder via swannyandfriends.com.au samanthariches.com.au racetrackralphy.com.au
Published 12/20/19
Channel 10's Candice Wyatt generously lowered her standards to join us for our usual format of an hour of fine waffle, and to promote her Napal trek in honour of her late Mum. To donate, google "cure brain cancer" and "Candice Wyatt" or via her Instagram or Twitter pages. swannyandfriends.com.au samathariches.com.au racetrackralphy.com.au
Published 12/18/19
After a welcome return cameo from Sam Newman, we're joined by Paralympian and the world's most positive man Don Elgin, who in the absence of Samantha slides straight into our format of talking sheet for an hour. Enjoy! donelgin.com.au Merch: swannyandfriends.com.au
Published 12/17/19
Special guest former Demon and Blue Brock Mclean with serious topics like Uber disasters, being forced up the front of a bus, Netflix etiquette, footy trip preparations, comparing Mick Malthouse at Collingwood v Mick Malthouse at Carlton and Swanny's half time reduction theory
Published 12/12/19
Samantha's best mate in law V8 Bathurst winning star David Reynolds joins us for the whole show, proudly lowering himself to our standard. Early cameo from Sam Newman, Swanny's 2010 reunion chat, and other waffle filling out the hour.
Published 12/03/19
Giving back in Albury, photos in the fernery, draft drivel and bongs out of the backside, before quality social feedback. Signed Xmas Cards and other bad merch racetrackralphy.com.au Sam via samanthariches.com.au Ralphy via racetrackralphy.com.au
Published 11/27/19
UFC and MMA star Jake Matthews discusses his craft before Dane gets out some fresh inappropriate hypothetical questions.
Published 11/22/19
Dane discusses the "importance" of starting pre-season in mid-November, the trauma of getting fat-shamed and his dominant performance for the Bali Geckos in Singapore.
Published 11/20/19
For Melbourne Cup week we got the trainer of the legendary Black Caviar Peter Moody to speak racing and rubbish! patreon.com/swannyandfriends dalzielracing.com.au to race a horse with Pete samanthariches.com.au racetrackralphy.com.au
Published 10/31/19
Swanny returns from Vegas and other stories patreon.com/swannyandfriends samanthariches.com.au racetrackralphy.com.au
Published 10/29/19
patreon.com/swannyandfriends Sam Newman joins us for the whole show. 7:00 Ten Random Questions 20:00 Doug Wade in business 24:00 Bolivia 27:00 Dane's hypothetical questions samanthariches.com.au racetrackralphy.com.au
Published 10/06/19
patreon.com/swannyandfriends Grand final chat off the top. 10:00 Grand Canyon. 15:00 Meet and Greets. 20:00 Not working from home 30:00 Social feedback samanthariches.com.au racetrackralphy.com.au
Published 10/01/19
patreon.com/swannyandfriends 27 mins with Corey McKernan Brownlow chat Grand Final week Premierships winning and losing Pagan, Buckley and Malthouse 28:00 Collingwood review 33:30 Dane home front 35:00 Bikinis and smalls 38:00 Toby from Newport LANGUAGE WARNING 42:00 Charity starts at home 43:00 Questionbook 45:00 Thank God I didn't win 47:00 Social feedback 55:45 Swanny's Joke samanthariches.com.au racetrackralphy.com.au
Published 09/24/19
patreon.com/swannyandfriends 00.30 Swanny caught a tram. 01.00 Sam Newman cameo 07.00 New Nathan Buckley 08.00 Larry Donohue 12:00 Farewell interlock 17:00 Ninjas 21:00 Magpies 2004 future 26:00 A couple of things on the home front 36:00 Fleetwood Mac 41:00 Posters on the wall 43:30 Willie Rioli 46:30 Getting drug tested 50:30 Pronouns  55:00 Biological clock 58:00 Bees and social feedback 1:04:00 Mental Health 1:07.30 Swanny's Joke samanthariches.com.au racetrackralphy.com.au
Published 09/17/19
patreon.com/swannyandfriends 0:30 Swanny cattle class 2:00 Sam Newman cameo 5:00 Open Mike Swan Song 6:30 Sam's 300th game 9:00 Watching with Ed 10:00 Third plane 17:00 Doesn't do coffee 21:00 Four time international 29:00 Pendles v Swanny - compare the pair 33:00 Sam Schoers Survivor  44:00 Ring girls 50:00 Mother of the Year 54:00 Anonymous lists 58:00 Social questions 1:05:00 Swanny's Joke samanthariches.com.au racetrackralphy.com.au Ralphy's racing podcast Year Round...
Published 09/04/19
0:30 Swanny in the Legends match? 1:30 Sam Newman cameo 4:00 Mike Sheahan cameo 6:00 Patreon and Merch thanks patreon.com/swannyandfriends.com swannyandfriends.com.au 7:00 Aussie Whingers 10:00 Dane slept in 13:00 Mad Mondays and exit interviews 22:00 Famous ppl 25:00 Required host 27:00 Non-media training 29:00 Open Scotty 32:00 Snip assistance 35:30 Bad husband 39:00 Right Angles 43:00 Alcohol or kids presents? 46:00 Sam's science tip 50:00 Neighbours 51:00 Swanny...
Published 08/27/19
0:30 Coleman, Cummings, Riches 1:30 Intervention order 3:30 Sam Newman voice of reason 4:00 Swanny on Nick Maxwell 6:30 Sam Newman explicit Polly Farmer story 12:00 Lift issues 14:00 Not apologising  23:00 Corn Flakes 24:30 Dedication 27:00 Purple Carrots 29:30 Bile or vile? 30:00 Spitting or splitting? 31:00 Dishwater etiquette  33:30 Fill In 37:30 Sam's science tip 42:00 Pig issues 44:45 Welsh dunnies 48:00 Strolling bones 52:00 Cub reporter 54:00 Social feedback
Published 08/20/19
1:00 Never apologise 2:00 Samantha Joins 4:00 Patreon 5:00 Dead Sea 7:00 Sam Newman joins 40:00 Thank you messages 43:30 Helpful foil tips 48:00 Dane's father of the year 50:00 Gender gaps 56:00 Heath and Scott tributes 59:00 Tall poppy syndrome 1:02.00 Steaming 1:04.00 Dane's weather 1:06:00 Social feedback    
Published 08/13/19