Creative Advertising that Gets Results with the Harmon Brothers CEO, Shane Rickard
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In this episode we talk Shane Rickard, the CEO and partner at Harmon Brothers! While at Harmon Brothers, the ad agency that has collectively driven more than 1.5 billion views, over $700 million in sales, and is behind viral ads like Lume, Squatty Potty, and Kodiak Cakes. He graduated from UVU with a degree in Digital Marketing—and a PHD in Arrested Developer. Shane first connected with Harmon Brothers during the 5 years he spent working for Orabrush as a video production manager and marketing expert. Before officially joining the HB team, he was the creative lead and account manager at the Molio Agency for 2 years. In 2016, Shane was adopted by Harmon Brothers as a Producer and Creative Director. Since then he’s led notable projects like the Chatbooks “Camper” ad, Camp Chef’s “Grill God”, Murphy Ladder’s “Ladder Luchador”, Kodiak Cakes’ “LumberJill Family”, and Next Vacay’s “Traveling Tree.”  Shane loves skiing and snowboarding almost as much as his job at Harmon Brothers. And sure, being a dad of four kids is kinda cool too. In his free time, Shane likes to hike, backpack, and hike with backpacks. He and his wife plan to climb as many mountains as possible without falling of one. In the meantime, he’ll keep running the company and creative directing ads that make people laugh so hard, whatever they’re drinking comes out of their nose.  Contact Shane at his instagram @shanerickard and of course at his website  GET THE KNOWLEDGE YOU NEED TO CREATE ADS THAT BRAND & SELL HERE   How We Can Help You Close More Deals: Gitomer Books and Courses Here Sales Mastery Program Here Gitomer Sales Certification Here Speaking and Events Here Custom Sales Processes and Scripts Here 
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