We need your help!  Have you missed us?!  Listen in for some helpful holiday hints and a special request from us to you!
Published 11/28/20
Ever wonder what it's like to know us in real life?  Now's your chance!  We're welcoming our friend Kristin onto the podcast this week for a fun chat!
Published 09/20/20
This week is all about sugar!  We've talked about it on several past episodes, but this week it's taking the spotlight for its very own! Zee Zees
Published 09/09/20
Think copper is just for old pipes?  Think again!  This week were breaking it down per usual and talking about what it does in our bodies.
Published 09/02/20
Who else remembers fluoride swishes in elementary school?!  This week we're breaking down what fluoride does for us, why we need it, and where to find it. 
Published 08/28/20
This week we're chatting about some underutilized spices and brainstorming ways to use them.   Turmeric Carrot soup 
Published 08/23/20
This week we're talking about how maintaining routines during quarantine can be helpful, and talk through a few of our own!
Published 08/18/20
Who knew we were so trendy?!  This week we're talking about our routines that just happen to be trendy right now.  
Published 08/06/20
This week, we're taking a break from vitamins and minerals to talk self confidence.  We all have ups and downs in the confidence department, and this week we're sharing how we navigate those ups and downs ourselves and how we guide our clients to do the same!
Published 07/29/20
This week we're breaking down the deets on sulfur.  What it does, where to get it, and more!
Published 07/22/20
This week we're diving into selenium and hitting all the usuals - what it is, why we need it, where to find it - and more!
Published 07/17/20
To celebrate our 100th episode we're doing an ALL questions episode!  Some Instagram follower submitted questions, some random questions we picked, and a super fun rant about traffic.  You don't want to miss this one!
Published 07/09/20
This week we're diving into everything you've ever wanted to know about iron!  What it does, why we need it, how much, and of course where to get it!
Published 07/03/20
TNT = Travel Nutrition Tips in our Simply Fed world :). This week we're breaking down our favorite tips to stay on track with your healthy eating goals (and enjoying some vacation treats of course) during your summer road trips!  
Published 06/24/20
This week we're talking all about supporting your best skin from within.  AKA - how nutrition impacts your skin health.  Cocokind Turmeric Stick
Published 06/17/20
This week we're talking fluid and electrolytes and how your amazing body works to keep them in balance. We'll also talk through how your needs change with environmental extremes and considerations for exercise and sport.  Rocking Green Detergent
Published 06/11/20
Do you find yourself buying more fruits and veggies than you can eat?  Tossing more out than you consume? This is the episode for you!  Amanda is flying solo and chatting through strategies to help reduce food waste.  
Published 06/03/20
This week Dana is flying solo with 5 practical tips you can start implementing today to make dinner time just a little bit easier!
Published 05/29/20
This week we're breaking down magnesium (what it does, where you get it, and how much you need) and chatting through what frivolous purchases we would make if we suddenly became billionaires 🤪
Published 05/20/20
This week we're talking phosphorus.  Answering all the usual questions; what it is, why we need it, how much we need, and where to find it.  In true Simply Fed fashion, we round out the episode with random questions about walk out songs and personal magnetism.  
Published 05/13/20
This week we're breaking down the 9 enneagram types and talking about how they relate to your journey to food freedom, complete with possible barriers each type may run into and suggestions on how to navigate! 
Published 05/06/20
Published 04/29/20
This week we're breaking down the largest mineral in our body - Calcium!  No doubt you know calcium is important, but do you know where to find it, how it's best absorbed, or where it's stored?You will after you listen to this episode! 
Published 04/29/20
We've wrapped up our vitamin series and we're moving on to minerals!  This week we'll do an overview of the minerals our bodies need and why, along with the usual random conversations of I Love Lucy, old school toys, and random Amazon products.  Vitameatavegamin CrunchCup
Published 04/22/20
This week the girls are breaking down vitamin-like factors.  What they do, where to find them, and why we need them. 
Published 04/17/20