Published 02/20/24
What were these early UFOs that chased and harried World War II fighter pilots?
Published 02/20/24
Were two waves of ax murders in the American south in the early 20th century truly associated with Louisiana Voodoo?
Published 02/13/24
Proponents of alien visitation often claim the Alcubierre drive makes faster than light possible. Here's why it can't exist.
Published 02/06/24
Skeptoid is looking for institutional partners and/or title sponsors for a proposed video series.
Published 02/02/24
Was this infamous 1976 dioxin disaster as bad as reported, or might it have been much worse than we thought?
Published 01/30/24
The carcasses of headless goats are floating in the Chattahoochee River; too many for a prosaic explanation.
Published 01/23/24
A Benedictine monk is said to have built a device allowing him to see and hear historical events.
Published 01/16/24
We break down four popular myths about Martin Luther King Jr. that just won't go away.
Published 01/09/24
A failure mode analysis of my most-hated episode ever: #230 on the use of DDT to fight malaria.
Published 01/02/24
Skeptoid rapid fires a bunch of mini-episodes in answer to your questions.
Published 12/26/23
A year-end Ask Me Anything session to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Skeptoid and more.
Published 12/19/23
Help us say goodbye to 2023, Skeptoid style.
Published 12/14/23
Does science have a way to reliably cure the hiccups?
Published 12/12/23
This Brazilian island is said to be too dangerous to visit due to countless venomous snakes.
Published 12/05/23
Some believe that taking a deadly frog poison confers a vast array of New Age wellness benefits.
Published 11/28/23
Some believe this speculative rogue planet is on a collision course with the Earth.
Published 11/21/23
Much content online is designed for high engagement, not for accuracy.
Published 11/14/23
Skeptoid corrects another round of errors in past episodes pointed out by listeners.
Published 11/07/23
Celebrating Halloween with the creepiest ghost stories sent in by you, our listeners.
Published 10/31/23
Do lots of famous pop musicians really die at the age of 27, or is there something in science that just makes us think so?
Published 10/24/23
Did the village of Nazareth exist at the time of Jesus, making it possible for there to have been a Jesus of Nazareth?
Published 10/17/23
Some claim that artificial turf sports fields emit poisonous chemicals, making them dangerous for children.
Published 10/10/23
What better way to celebrate 17 years of the Skeptoid podcast than a 17-question pop quiz!
Published 10/03/23
Does a monster salamander the size of Asia's largest live undiscovered in the Pacific Northwest?
Published 09/26/23