Sleep Wonderful Sleep - Male voice version
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In this episode "Sleep, Wonderful Sleep", we invite you to close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded and supported by a white, fluffy cloud. This visualization can help you feel a sense of well being and ease as you drift off to sleep. This sleep meditation can help tension or stress to melt away as you focus on the visualizations that are presented. You may notice your thoughts drifting while listening, and that's okay. Simply acknowledge them and then gently bring your attention back to the cloud and my soothing voice. Thank you for joining us for this sleep meditation. We hope you have a peaceful and restful night. Our podcast is sponsored by Better Help! Talk to a professional counsellor and start feeling good again! Whether you are having trouble at work, with relationships or just getting motivated, online therapy can help. Better Help therapy is customized to meet your specific needs and it's much more affordable than in person therapy! Visit and get 10% off your first month. Support our Podcast and enjoy our episodes in high definition sound without advertisements. Visit and become a Patron today! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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