The Evil One
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For those of us who have siblings, it often means that we have someone to lean on, and a built-in best friend to go on adventures with us. But that's assuming we like one another. Sometimes, our siblings seem to have gotten all the bad traits in the family. They can be ill intentioned or even (pause).. evil. And those terrible brothers or sisters will haunt you from birth till death…. if you last that long.   First, a connection beyond the grave Followed by a book of death Then, a sister’s sweet revenge Finally in our featured story, survival of the fittest Thanks to our sponsors! • Go to and download the Zocdoc app for FREE. • To match with a licensed therapist today, go to to get $100 off of your first month and to show your support for the show More about the show! • Go to to check out the awesome Something Scary Merch. We’ve got something for everyone, from hoodies to hats to writer’s notebooks. • Do you want to connect with other people who love horror and all things Something Scary? Join our new Discord. Join our Patreon and get members only access to our Discord. Go to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 09/26/23
Hello spooky friends, it’s my Birthday this week, and I love nothing more than getting to share scary stories with you. But not all jobs are as great as mine. There is nothing more noble than having a job, paying your bills and contributing to society. But not all jobs are created equally....
Published 09/26/23
Most people hate going anywhere near a hospital, since it usually means someone sick or dying. The halls are shadowed by the devastated souls that could not be healed. There are, however, heroes who dedicate their lives to saving the injured and diseased. But despite their oath to do no harm,...
Published 09/19/23