EP 119: From Foster Care to Financial Freedom
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About the Show: Ungenita Prevost aged out of the foster care system at the age of 18. Resourceful and ambitious with a drive for success, she shares her amazing story as well as the qualities, skills and mindset she tapped into to leverage her network to get to who she is today which is a feminine leadership expert. She teaches others about the power of building social capital to get what you want. You will be inspired by her infectious energy and simple ideas to build great connections. -- About Ungenita Prevost -- “Don’t let the glitz and glam fool you.” Ungenita Prevost was aged out of the foster care system at 18 years old and has experienced every financial hardship you can possibly imagine (homeless, jobless, careless, cashless and parentless). She went on to working on Hollywood as a  body double and music video dancer.  Today she is an award winning feminine leadership expert. She is the founder of SellingINStilettos®, Billion Dollar Rolodex, LinkedIn IN STILETTOS and FEMME 500. She is the creator of the #1 business networking event for women, Networking IN STILETTOS. In 2021, she’s  personally helped over 1000 women build SOCIAL CAPITAL + monetize their networks. Her LinkedIn community boasts over 8000 women. “Networking can open doors degrees CANNOT.” -- Connect with Ungenita: FEMMEGlobal500.com http://linkedin.com/in/ungenitaprevost https://www.facebook.com/UngenitaPrevost https://www.twitter.com/UngenitaPrevost https://www.instagram.com/UngenitaPrevost
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