EP 128: How Children Help Us Achieve Our Potential with Jules Hare
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Jules Hare is a Cranialsacral Therapist who specializes in pediatrics. We talk raising kids and how that relationship serves us to address our own growth. We talk about the power of the parent child relationship: how to improve it and how your child can help you. We also talk about your own childhood traumas that get triggered during parenting and how we move through that. This conversation is very empowering and Jules gives us the encouragement to not be so tough on ourselves as parents. -- About Jules Hare: -- Jules is a therapist, parent, author, illustrator and speaker. She is the Co-founder with her husband of Cranial Waves Wellness Studio in St. Martins, NB, Canada. As a Craniosacral Therapist Jules specializes in Pediatrics, with over 30 years of hands-on experience working with families and children of all ages. -- Jules’ unique approach to addressing the body’s innate wisdom in her professional practice as well as her ongoing ‘parenting practice’ lead to the creation of her latest book set published in June of 2020 ‘Raise Future Leaders- 3 Simple Steps to Transformational Parenting’ and its accompanying ‘Parenting Pocket Guide’. -- “When we truly and deeply honour ourselves AND our kids, the growth that results is transformational AND impacts future generations.” - Jules Hare Available for speaking engagements, book signings, podcasts and transformational sessions in person and on the phone.  -- Connect with Jules Hare:  IG and FB @juleshareshares  FB @cranialwavestherapy  IG @cranialwaves  www.cranialwaves.com www.juleshareshares.com
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