EP 135: What I wished I knew at the beginning of my Authentic Journey with Dana Lloyd
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In this episode, I share 10 ideas that I wished I knew at the beginning of my authentic journey.  When I started on the path of personal development back in my mid to late 20's I had no idea I was about to take a quest to find myself. At that time, a feeling had settled in that I was off my path, so I started focusing on what I should do with my life by looking at my career. I thought my discontentment had to do with my job. In part, that was true, but it was so much more than that. My continual searching eventually sent me on a seeker's path. The journey meandered for many years and it still continues. I learned about myself, who is Dana and I continually move in the direction of my Highest Self. What a worthy journey! I highly recommend it. That being said, I wished I had known a few things that might have made my journey easier. -- In this episode, I explore 10 ideas that I wished I knew at the beginning of the journey to find myself: 1) There is nothing wrong with you 2) Authenticity is your birthright 3) You can start this journey as many times as you like 4) Enjoy the journey 5) Everyone else does not have it all figured out 6) Peace is possible 7) Find your people 8)You are exhausted and tired because the connection to your soul has erroded. 9) There is a false self called the Ego 10) Take it all in. About Dana Lloyd: Dana is a Leadership Coach who teaches encourages to people lead well in their personal and professional lives. She currently runs an online monthly group called The Soul Prescription Club. This is the group she wished she had at the beginning of her journey. It is ME SCHOOL where you learn and discover about yourself as well as deepen your connection with the most authentic you. Get on her email list to hear about when the doors to her Club open again. Go to danalloydleaderhsip.com She is also a speaker and trainer on Leadership in the Workplace helping you become the most effective leader you can be. 
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