189 - ABM Is Nothing New | Alphov & Lopez Podcast
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Chris Walker joined the Alphov & Lopez Podcast for a full 90 minutes to chat through attribution, high intent vs. low intent, and overall marketing strategy. Chris was asked what would happen if marketers forgot about leads and demo requests and instead focused solely on qualified pipeline and revenue. He also shared his thoughts on how ABM is nothing new, and how he'd recommend it be implemented today in an organization especially given the common disconnect between marketing and sales targets. Chris dove further into the distinction between dark funnel and dark social, and shared the benefit of focusing on building your brand there as opposed to waiting for buyers to trigger an outbound action.
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Dark Socal is the difficult to measure areas where companies are creating demand for their category, brand, and product every single day. Brands that everyone knows and loves are built here, not through MQL generation. And let there be no confusion—the highest performing marketing teams in 2021...
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In this episode, Chris dives in on how to change your mindset on LinkedIn ads to get better returns. If you want to be successful with LinkedIn ads you need to shift your mindset. It’s time to leave 2011 marketing tactics behind and stop optimizing your paid LinkedIn ad spend for MQLs. Instead,...
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“Capturing intent data is the only way to get intent.” - Marketing teams everywhere ^ It’s BS and it’s time to accept it. Chris sat down with Jake Dunlap to discuss how the industry relies on intent data that is flawed, solely for the purpose of creating a metric—even if it's sabotaging their...
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