197 - Navigating the Blended Funnel | Demand Gen Live S2 x52
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Chris Walker and Megan Bowen brought the Demand Gen Live community back last night to discuss a couple agenda items in addition to a live Q&A. On the agenda:    - How product-led growth companies should be thinking about enterprise demand  - The Blended Funnel: why it’s hard to see it’s time to change your strategy. Chris answered follow-up questions in regards to the agenda items in addition to questions about how to tell when a channel is not working vs. the person managing the channel is not managing it well, and how to manage the over-reliance on attribution data. Don't miss our event with Dave Gerhardt, Chief Brand Officer at Drift, tomorrow October 7th at 12pm EDT. We'll be covering our top 3 recommendations for your 2022 strategy. Register here to attend live. 
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